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First Night In The Hospital

March 31, 2008

TC received a priesthood blessing during his first night at the hospital.  His family and friends all came to the hospital, but, except for his parents, were unable to visit him.  There were so many people in the waiting room that we were overflowing into the street.  During the night, TC’s pressure went up.

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TC’s accident

March 31, 2008

TC Rogers fell of his longboard with friends on March 31, 2008.  He fell and fractured hs skull.  He was unconcious after the injury.  TC was transported to UMC after the accident.

 When TC got to the hospital, he was rushed into the emergency room.  He was talking and responsive.  He was then put under to limit further damage.  His skull was found to be fractured, almost from one side of his head to the other. 

 TC was brought into surgery 3 or 4 hours after the accident.  The doctor removed part of his skull to relieve pressure and check on how bad the bleeding was.  The surgery was completed successfully.

A Longboard