Afternoon / Evening #2

The second evening was better for TC.  His condition had not changed, but he was able to take visitors.  Again, the crowd who came were overwhelming.  Many of TC’s friends from High School, the ward, and his family came to visit.  People took turns, 2 by 2, and came to visit him.  Cliff and Becky stayed in the room and received everybody.  Cliff and Becky felt such overwhelming peace as all of his friends came.  They are amazing parents.

TC was also visited by the Stake Presidency.  These priesthood leaders laid their hands on TC’s head and gave him another priesthood blessing.

The doctors’ assessments are not good.  There is only a 10% chance that TC will survive this ordeal.  The trauma TC sustained was severe.   If the swelling does not go down to normal within the next 48 hours, things look quite grim.

The staff at UMC are incredible.  According to Cliff, the night nurse was one of the most efficient, compassionate human beings on this planet.  The prayers are definitely working, as TC is getting the best care he could ever hope for.


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