Decrease in pressure

TC’s pressure has been steadily decreasing. He came in at more than 50, and his measurements are now down in the mid-20s. As Cliff said, this is nothing to start setting off fireworks for. It is worth of a good high five. The morning C-Scan revealed that there is no more bleeding, and the brain seems to be in the correct place.

The atmosphere at the hospital has evolved in an interesting way. The first night, everyone seemed to be in shock. The second night, everyone (excluding Cliff and Becky) was sad. Today, everyone is hopeful.

Lots of people are still showing up in the waiting room. We are not letting people go in and visit tonight. Any stimulation increases brain activity, which can make the brain swell, so we are trying to limit TC’s exposure to stimulus.



One Response to “Decrease in pressure”

  1. Makeli Scholer Says:

    Annie and I have been praying for your family. I’m glad you guys are holding up alright. Even though I’m kind of an aquaintence to TC my heart goes out to him and your family as if he were my own family. I think it’s because he’s such a good person and influence. We want TC to stick around.

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