Morning #3 update

TC has had little change overnight. His cranial pressure is a bit higher today, at around 29. Apparently the important thing is the differential between the blood pressure in his brain, and that in his body. Because TC is so strong, they are able to raise the pressure in his body if the pressure in his head increases, which apparently is better for him. Frustrating to not understand all the medical stuff that is going on, but he is under amazing care.

There have been some rumors regarding TC being brought out of the coma, but it looks like nothing like that will be done until Monday or Tuesday (4-7) at the earliest. We are still deep in the woods, but hope is definitely on our side. If anyone in this world is stubborn enough to fight through this, it is TC.

Expect little to no news going into the weekend.


6 Responses to “Morning #3 update”

  1. Linda Judd Says:

    Cliff and Becky, our family is praying for all your wonderful family.

  2. Kianas Aunty Says:

    Our prayers are with you. 2 yrs ago a friend from our ward was injured severly when a car ran into him while biking. He too was put in a coma. the doctors didn’t give any hope. he was 50 but in very good shape. w/a lot of prayers and blessings he eventually recovered and walked out on his own.

    You will be in our prayers.


  3. Jules Robbins Says:

    I have worked with TC for a few months @ Green Valley Ranch Salon. I just want to extend my warmest thoughts & prayers to TC & the family. God is with you all & the Angels are taking care of TC. They have wrapped their wings around him to hold him gently til he is better & ready to come home. God bless you all.

  4. Lisa McIntyre Says:

    We love T.C.! He is strong, kind, and faithful!!! We believe in miracles!! Your family is in our prayers.

  5. Joe Saldana Says:


    I am guilt ridden my brother. Had I accepted the position at Green Valley perhaps this may have been circumvented. But even now I know the words you would speak to me.

    In the depths of your sleep I know you are aware….Your soul communes with our Lord and acknowleges His Glory.

    Your flesh is weakened….and it slumbers….yet your soul inspires me even now. Awaken my brother….we have much to discuss.

    Like what the heck were you thinking by not wearing a helmet! You will get beat for this!

    Your humble brother in Christ.


  6. Nicole Cave Says:

    I can honestly say that I never have known TC really well…I am just Ricky Bandley’s older sister that doesn’t always pay attention to who his friends are. But, I am a mother of four and I feel for you. No one asks to watch their children suffer. I am thinking of you and will be praying for all of you.

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