Morning #4 update

Another CAT scan, and everything still looks the same.  TC’s cranial pressure is at around 24, which is OK.  We really need it to come down to about 17 to start waking him back up from his drug induced coma.  The family is silly thankful for all of the support we are getting.  The hospital staff is really thankful for all of the food contributions that Cliff and Becky can’t eat.



2 Responses to “Morning #4 update”

  1. Erica Bingham Wyatt Says:

    I am a sister of Cortney Bingham. Thank you for keeping us updated by the blog. I think Cortney is sick of me calling to ask how TC is. I have explained to my 3 young kids what has happened to TC, and that he is Cortney’s friend. I have a Kelsey, who is fasinated that Cortney has a friend named Kelesy too. The other night as we blessed the food for dinner, my 4 year old Kelsey said in her prayer,”Please bless Cortney’s friend TC that he can come home from the hospital.” And my kids have started to ask a few times a day if TC is better. So even little ones that don’t know TC are praying for him.

  2. John & Mary Brown Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts through this website. We have been praying for you and TC and are very concerned about your situation. John & I went to the temple tonight and I found myself praying for “a miracle.” I told KT about it and she mentioned your website and said the word “miracle” has come up a few times. I know that the staff at UMC is amazing (Bridget said she visited with you). As a side note, Dr. Scheer is a friend of mine since high school and I am so relieved to know he is the one who was there to take care of TC from the beginning. I know you have been told that this will be a long journey and I want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way (remember Lincoln & Cecilia’s wedding?). We love you and your children and we’ll continue to pray for you.

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