Sunday Status

TC is pretty much the same. His intercranial pressure was between 28-29 during our morning visit. His pupils are contracting , not totally but they are moving. There was an additional concern last night as during his hourly checks his pupils were fixed, but then later they contracted.
The hosptal Chaplin came in and asked if she could say a prayer for TC, I asked her if she would like to join in our prayer as we usually have one prior to our leaving. She said we both can pray. She started and gave a very nice prayer. I then gave our prayer, and afterword she said that we were strong in the faith. I then gave her an Ensign, the one dedicated to Christ.
Cliff Rogers – 3:45 pm

6 Responses to “Sunday Status”

  1. Laura (Grizzle) Zemp Says:

    Your family’s faith is strong. It’s been my privilege to witness it over the years, and your family has always been an example to me of faithfulness and service.
    Our family (including my girls) have been praying for all of you and that the Lord will keep all of you in the hollow of His hand. We love you.

  2. Robin Yoakum Says:

    Cliff & Becky,
    TC is in the best place he could be now. Having had two kids there before I know the great care he is getting. My prayers are with you. You are in incredible family and I know your faith is strong and will get you through. I love how you are sharing the gospel with everyone you can. What an example you are to all of us. We love you and hope and pray for the best TC.

  3. Angela Jacobsen Says:

    Rogers Family,
    We just heard the news even up here in good ‘ol Alpine, UT. We are thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers. I haven’t had a chance to see TC in a long while but keep tabs on him from time to time through some friends. TC is one of my favorite childhood memories I still have the necklace that he gave me in 2nd grade with his cute little face in the locket! I also will never forget the time we went on a “date” with our moms to go see the Jungle Book. There are many more memories that definitely put a smile on my face. I would be there if I could but I will be thinking of him and will put him on the prayer roll. My family to yours, live one day a time, it may seem like an eternity but the Lord has a plan for all of us we just need to have faith and trust in him even through the darkest hours.

  4. Leon and Katherine Noorda Says:

    Becky, Cliff and Family, I wrote via Allan’s email which I am sure he told you about. We are about fourteen hours ahead of you here in Indonesia. We wake up every morning check the internet on updates and then check again before we go to sleep. You and TC are in our thoughts constantly and we always have a prayer in our hearts for you and TC. We love and miss you and wish we could be there where we could lend our support on a one on one basis but we are on another errand for the Lord at this time. Know that our prayers and love are like big arms reaching across the oceans from Southeast Asia and sending a big hug and lots of love.
    Elder and Sister Noorda

  5. Michael Says:

    Way to be missionaries…perhaps the chaplain will believe and it will become (another) good thing to come of this drama.

  6. mrr0ng Says:

    Even in a coma he’s a missionary. He’s a machine!! We love you very much. Please let us know what we can help out with.

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