Monday Noon Update

Boy is the weather nice… this is why we live in Las Vegas.
TC had a filter installed in his veins near the groin area. This is to capture any blood clots that may be floating around and causing mischief. This was done first thing this morning and was successful. His ICP was back up to 28-30, and they were placing ice packs around him when we left. I hope he doesn’t remember them, because TC get cold easy. No actual updates from the medical staff other than encouraging words from his nurses. I imagine we will be having a consultation anytime now to determine the next steps.
On another note: Tim is our day nurse, very cool guy, very smart and helpful. As we have gotten to know him we have found out that he is single and has no time nor the network to find someone to date. Becky of course has lots of ideas but because of our circumstances, has not had time to act on them. Tim is 32, about 6’….. very in shape black hair and he reminds us of Joey on Freinds. He is rather humorous and very sincere. We like him alot and he is a good catch. (must be over 27) I’ll get a picture of him.
cliff – 3:26 pm

24 Responses to “Monday Noon Update”

  1. Shelly Leany Says:

    Thank you so much for the updates! I check the website many times a day so we (bishop, me and our girls) will be informed and updated. TC is constantly in our thoughts and prayers, even our 10 year old daughters ask how he is doing and always pray for him and your family.
    Please don’t hesitate to call us if your family needs anything.
    Shelly Leany

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I guess I would have to move out to Vegas to date TC’s nurse! My mom has been begging me to do that for years – and has been unsuccessful!

    But really – you guys have been in our prayers. All of my coworkers ask about TC – and many of them check this website for updates. I saw the picture of Aunt Becky in the room, and my heart just went out to you all. I cannot imagine what it would be like to watch my little Max go through something like that. I now make him wear a helmet when he rides his little bigwheel around our parking lot.

    I love you guys a ton – and my prayers are with you!

    Rebecca Estrada (and Max too!)

  3. Celeste Green Says:

    Cliff & Becky,
    I look forward to getting home in the evenings and seeing the updates…helps to keep our family prayers focused. We are a phone call away if you need anything.

    By the way, I work with a beautiful gal in her early 30’s that may be a good match for Tim the nurse.

    Celeste, Tim and the T boys

  4. Jamie Smith Says:

    It’s good to hear the little accomplishments that are happening with TC. Thanks for posting. And I think the work that nurses do for their patients is greatly under appreciated until you experience their kindness and efforts yourself.

    As far as the nurse goes, don’t you have an attractive, hilarious SINGLE daughter? Just fudge the numbers on her ID. 🙂

  5. Brittney Banks Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,
    This Brittney Banks, the Hayden’s niece… I just wanted to let you know that my mom, sister and I have been praying for TC. We love all of you guys!!

  6. Katrina Hunter (Noorda) Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers and my parents also. I talked to my mom and she is thinking about you all the time and is checking the updates daily. Brooke gets home tomorrow and we will come to visit in the next few days. You should talk to nurse Tim about the age thing, 9 years isn’t that much… And Brooke is really cute…

  7. Leigh Ann Hinote Says:

    Rogers Family,

    You are in the thoughts and prayers of everyone at Eisenberg. We think about you often and ask Julie for daily updates. Becky, we miss you at lunch. Our table just isn’t the same without you there. We all love you and your family and are praying for TC.
    Leigh Ann

  8. sarah terry Says:

    Uncle and Auntie…
    Thanks for updates. You guys rock…
    And also…. Does a like….. 12 year difference matter? I like older men. 🙂 I’m praying for you guys. Miss you all.

    And Miss Hladek!! Oh my heavens. I guess it’s Mrs Hinote, huh? You are still my favorite second grade teacher!:)

  9. King Family Says:

    Hi Becky and Cliff… So nice of you to keep us all updated. We’re sure hoping and praying for you all. What an example of love and faith you have always been, and continue to be while you’re going through this trial.
    You’re both amazing people. Much love to you all! Love, Bruce & Lisa and all the kids

  10. Rebecca Volle Says:

    Becky and Cliff,

    Thanks so much for giving everyone this website. It is so informative and our family has very much appreciated being able to check on TC to see how things are going. We love you and want you to know that we have been praying for TC. If there is anything that we can do beyond the fasting and praying, please let me know. We are thinking of you daily,

    Rebecca Volle and family

  11. Sand D Says:

    I don’t know if you got my last message…if so ditto to that!
    if not
    I am a friend of Emily Heim, and she has asked me to send healing, and comfort for your son and his loving parents….sending now. I will continue to gather energy and send for 21 days.
    Sand D
    Reiki Tri Aur Master

  12. Jennifer Baldwin Says:

    Thank you for the updates. Our prayers are with TC and your family! I met him a few years ago in Centennial Hills YSA ward and he was always so much fun at activities!
    As for Tim… Cliff, remember your choir assignment, Kristi Abbott and I are both single and in the perfect age range. ;o)

    Jennifer Baldwin and family (mom and pop -Terrie & Mike)

  13. Julie Nilson Says:

    Becky, Cliff, Alan, Lincoln, and Kelsey,
    It’s amazing reading all of the wonderful comments people are writing about your family. You truly have blessed so many people with your kindness and love. Please take comfort in knowing how many people are thinking about you all throughtout the day. You are not alone…this website has been wonderful updating us on what is happending. I think it helps everyone feel connected to one another, knowing we are all feeling the same way. As so many people have written, you are all in our prayers. Maddi and Zachary constantly are asking me how TC is doing. Keep up your amazing strength…TC couldn’t ask for a more loving, caring, and devoted family. God Bless and my love to you all.
    The Nilson Family

  14. Alicia Dupree Says:

    Brother & Sister Rodgers,
    Thank you for taking your valuable time and energy in updating us on TC’s condition
    Please know that TC is in our prayer as is your entire family, if there is anything that I or WE can do for your family please lets us know, we love and appreciate you.
    Alicia Dupree

  15. Ray Landry Says:

    Thanks for putting this website together! I get a dozen calls a day asking what is going on and usually get my info from Cortney. If you don’t mind I would like to give out this link to the ward so more people will be able to stay updated!
    You are all in my prayers,

  16. Todd Leany Says:

    Hello Rogers family,

    I am so glad you set up this blog. I took the family to Brianhead this weekend to watch conference and really missed the nightly visits to the hospital to be with you guys. We enjoyed the wonderful mountain environment but we couldn’t help but think of TC all weekend. Our prayers are with you constantly. Every one of our family prayers includes TC and your family. We love you guys!

    Todd, Shelly, Morgan, Lauren, Allison, Brooke and Courtney Leany

  17. Michael Christenson Says:

    Good morning Rogerses! And I hope it is truly a good one.

  18. Sand D Says:

    It is Tuesday morning…
    The healing grid is working great!
    Sending the TRI AUR…reiki’s master stuff!

    I will double the energy each day….be sure and let me know when he wakes up so I can change the symbols!

    TC will understand on …Sat.
    Smiles all is WELL………

  19. Darla Herdt Says:

    Cliff & Becky,
    As I listened to conference this weeked my thoughts were turned to you several times. I know our Father in Heaven is watching over you and TC. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Matt & Darla Herdt

  20. Kevin Sagers Says:

    Hey Rogers!
    i like so many others have been constantly watching this website and the updates of TC’s progress. my only memories of TC are of him yelling at me for not playing Halo according to his strategies and plans, or screaming that he was going to kill us all for using his XBOX. my favorite one of TC yelling though has to be when he found out that Richard Skifton traded him playstations, and when TC realized his didnt work he pulled it out and saw Richard’s name written on it. i seriously thought Richard was a dead man. but i know that under that tough guy attitude there was a good guy there. and i will admit that he has grown up and gotten a lot nicer over the last couple years.
    i add my hopes and prayers for TC’s speedy recovery to everyone else’s. one of these days when he gets better we will have to get all you guys up here for a volleyball game. we miss lookin over and seeing cliff in the stands!

  21. Hayden Smith Says:

    Dear Mrs. Rogers,
    I hope your son feels better. I hope you can come back to school soon. I miss you.

  22. John & Mary Brown Says:

    We are so sorry to hear of the setback in TC’s condition. KT called us late last night and we wish we could do more than just pray. One cute story for you about TC recently is about our three-year old granddaughter and TC playing together Easter weekend. He is so cute with little children! Instead of watching the UNLV game, TC played with our granddaughter! She came over afterwards and talked about her Prince, TSS! Alyssa said she continued talking about TSS (maybe stands for tough, strong, son?) when she played with her Barbie & Ken dolls after she went back to UT. She now remembers his name, TC and includes him in her sweet prayers. We hope and pray he gets well quickly so he can play with Alexa and be her Prince again!

  23. Mary Evans Says:

    If you received this message earlier I apologize.

    I have always heard the Holy Ghost called the Comforter. During a difficult time in my life I wondered how I was able to function. I know that it is because of the sweet comfort given by the Holy Ghost. He truly is a Comforter.

    Mary Evans

  24. Anjala (Skifton) Johnson Says:

    Hi Cliff, It’s Anjala (Skifton) Johnson, Is your guy day nurses last name Foley by any chance? If so, We go way back!! :o) If not, I’m still single!! We love you all so much and keep you in our prayers daily. Talk to you soon.


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