Sunday Evening Update

Sunday night, we left TC with a prayer. He was given a big push of chemical to attempt more brain swelling reduction. His ICP was between 20 -21. For some reason Kelsey. Becky and I were laughing alot, quietly of course, and i made Kelsey snort. The nurses here are so amazing. So professional, so efficient so carefully caring.
Becky looks so forward to reading this blog every night. It is a wonderful medium for our circumstances. It allows us to let everyone know with some what accuracy, (we find it amazing how both of seem to only here 50% of what is being said and then only understanding half of that… although we are getting better.) it also allows us to read others comments. This is Becky’s first blog experience, and for some reason she is drawn to it for solice. Please comment and contribute to it. It means so much to us. It is a way for us to gain strength.
Cliff Rogers – 9:15 am

21 Responses to “Sunday Evening Update”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the update!! 20 is the best I’ve heard yet. Three more and he can wake up, right?

    Why am I not surprised that you were laughing? That’s one thing I just love about your family, you all have such great humor.

  2. Heather Bell Says:

    We love you guys and are praying for and thinking of you often. Thanks for keeping us updated through this blog.

  3. Lindsay (Mortensen) Bailey Says:

    I am so glad to hear the pressure is decreasing. It was nice to see you last week at the hospital and I haven’t stopped thinking about your family since then. TC is in every single paryer we say in our home and so are you. I know how hard it is to sit there every day. Please know that we are all thinking about you and praying for your miracle. You are a wonderful family who we admire so much. Oh – and my parents say hello and to let them know if you need ANYTHING at all.

  4. Justin Evans Says:

    I have been praying a lot more lately. I sure do love you guys! You are in my prayers continually.

    Justin Evans

  5. Joanne Chandler Says:

    I got up this morning and checked on TC’s progress. Thank you for all the updates on his progress. Even though we are a long way away in Missoula, Montana the Chandler family are praying and thinking about the Rogers family many times a day. I talked to Jake the other day after he saw TC in the hospital, He said that TC earlier in the week had said that he wanted to fight Jake. Growing up with Lincoln and being considered one of his younger brothers pesky friends, it happened often. I was always amazed at how quiet Beckys house was, that basement helped a lot. Jake and TC had not had time for any fighting for a while, both are too busy with work. They seem to pass each other as one of them is coming home, or leaving for work. When Jake and Lincoln were younger they would tell me about TC whooping up on them, and I was like ” You guys are bigger than him you should be whooping up on him!” Jake and Lincoln said “you don’t know TC he’s a fighter and he never gives up.” When he’s better he has my permission to whoop up on Jake anytime. Sorry Jake but that’s how it goes.

    One other short note. When we were in Las Vegas we stayed at the Red Rock, and TC showed us around the Spa, and name dropper that I am I mentioned that we knew TC at the front desk. Well the girls were all “Oh we love TC.” When TC’s better I think he will be happy to know so many people love him and his family. TC keep fighting and everyone else keep praying!

  6. Jessica Miles Says:

    To The Rogers Family,
    My name is Jessica Miles and I worked with T.C. at The Red Rock Spa. On belhalf of everyone here, please know that we are praying for T.C. and have the utmost faith and confidence that he will be telling his grandchildren this story. I have personally been keeping your entire family in my thoughts and prayers and believe deeply in the power of prayer. I greatly apprecite your keeping us informed via the web page, as we would all love to be there but know that we can’t. It is such an amazing show of love toward all that care for T.C, that you would take the time and energy to think of us during this difficult time. Thank you!
    We will continue praying and pulling together in faith. And remember, with God, all things are possible.
    With love and blessings,
    Jessica Miles

  7. Ressie Wakeley Says:

    Aloha Roger’s family! Thank-you so much for the updates. I am also a fellow believer. TC is in my prayers daily. I worked with TC at The Red Rock Spa him being my Spa Manager. As I got promoted to my new position, he helped me transition in to it. Everyday I would look forward to visiting in his office for words of encouragement and that smile on his face. He then moved on to Green Valley and is dearly missed by us at the Salon at Red Rock.

    When I heard the news I was in shock for a few days, but then felt a peace that the Lord had put on me. Knowing that the TC I’ve come to know would be taken care of no matter what the outcome would be.

    “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

    My husband and son are also skaters and they both have that type of board he was on. I showed them this website and now we are always going to have a helmet on no matter what. I spread this awareness to all the skaters we know and hopefully they will catch on.

    Roger’s family know that you are thought and prayed for daily. TC keep up the good fight, because we still need you here on Earth!

    All God’s Blessings…….Aloha Ressie Wakeley

  8. Susan Tidwell Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,
    Several days ago Katelyn called home from Provo with the news of TC’s accident and to invite us to fast on his behalf. We, like so many others, want you to know your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Not a day has passed that my kids have not asked how TC is doing so we are all grateful for the updates on TC’s progress and so thankful that the pressure is coming down. Oh no, it does not surprise me at all that the Rogers family would find an opportunity to laugh…:)
    May the Lord continue to bless your family with strength and peace.
    Susan Tidwell

  9. Heather & Ray Anderson Says:

    TC and your family are in our prayers. We are so glad that his pressure is going down. We will continue to check on his progress. We love you guys!!!

  10. Kathy Laidlaw Says:

    Cliff and Becky-
    Glenn and are I watching TC’s daily progress with great interest and concern. – we want you to know that we are thinking of you and TC and hoping for the best- you are all in our thoughts and prayers and we cannot imagine how hard this is for all of you. We are impressed at your strength!

  11. Vicki Corbett Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Everyone is so concerned for TC and your family and wants to help in any way possible. We have you all in our prayers and our thoughts.

  12. Diann Stewart Says:

    Cliff, Becky and all of you cute Rogers:
    We have been so grateful that Theresa has been keeping in touch with this website and giving us updates daily! We, like so many others have you all in our thoughts and our prayers, and know miracles are soooooo possible! You are all so darling, and it sounds just like your family to be laughing – at the hospital makes it even cuter! How wonderful that you can laugh! Just know that we love you, and will continue to pull for you!You guys are amazing – we’ve known what you’re made of for a long time now, and your strength through this just proves it. We don’t get to see you very often any more, but know that we love you and will keep praying for you. A big hug from the Stewarts!!! (Kenny and Diann 🙂 ).

  13. Tracy and John Green Says:

    Hi to the Rogers Family- Becky, when we worked together, I found you a source of joy and to me you are indeed a model of grace and faith….God will prevail here Becky and Cliff. Please know we are sending our love, positive thoughts and prayers to all of you to surround you and send you peace from the Pacific Northwest. Much Love, Tracy and John Green (Latimer)

  14. Cassie & Barry Says:

    We just returned from conference and have checked the blog daily. Cassaundra in Agoura actually gave us the sight and calls daily. She told her husband-remember TC-He and his sister helped with all the grandkids for James’ funeral.
    TC is always so great with our grandkids.
    Then Katie (in Utah) said she would miss him at the post priesthood dinner with us and the singles.
    He helped Tyson (Carrie’s son) with some math tutoring.
    Of course, Barr & I love love love him and Kelsey & Lincoln &…
    Hayden’s had a stomach ache everyday that Becky is not there.
    Your whole family is so loved-we felt blessed to be able to join our fast with other’s last week and our daily prayers. Even Pres Monson’s story about his wife was a pick-up.
    Love to all-Barr & Momma Cass

  15. Linda Judd Says:

    I am so proud of your family – what a great example of faith and humor you set. (And I am glad I an get updates without bothering you.) Becky, I have a blog too so see? Us “old” people can do it too!!)

  16. Vineyard Family Says:

    Dear Roger Family,

    We just wanted to thank you for posting on this blog and for giving us the current updates on T.C.’s condition. We’re all praying and thinking about T.C. We wish you and your family the best.

  17. Heather Albright (wong) Says:

    Roger family-
    Me and my husband pray for you and TC every night. Hang in there he is a strong boy and will pull out of this!! You all are very strong and I look up to each of you!

  18. Renae Haldeman Says:

    A couple of mornings ago my mom (Debi Gifford) and I were talking about TC’s state of being. She told me that she was praying in the morning and heard a voice clear as day say to her that TC will recover and live a full life. I hope this does not offend anyone. I am an optimist!

    In F. Enzio Busche’s book “Yearning for the Living God” pg.233, he tells a story of a woman from an Eastern Europe country who was helping with some translation of sacred texts. She was a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a little over a year. Asked how she enjoyed the USA she responded positively and said “One of these days, I wish I could invite all the members of my Salt Lake ward to come to my home branch. She told [Enzio Busche] about the poor circumstance they were all living in and about how difficult it was for the members to get to their Sunday meetings and the many sacrifices that they joyfully made. She said the most inspiring time for the members in her branch was testimony meeting that was held on the Sunday of fasting. THey all looked forward to hearing their fellow members report about the Lord’s working in their lives. They, of course would not part until everyone had given a testimony because they were all anxious to share the many miracles happening around them. They could not say enough about the love and most gracious care of the Lord. Then she said, once in awhile, we have holy angels visit and comfort and strengthen us. She added with a smile, can you imagine? I have found people in Salt Lake City who have never seen an angel. She laughed as if that were the strangest thing she had ever heard.”

    My point to this huge comment is that we have all of the same opportunities for miracles in our lives as anyone else in this world. Let us see angels assist us in a miracle for TC!

    With love.

  19. Lauren Holley Anderson Says:

    i am so grateful for this blog! i am constantly checking it every chance i get to see how TC and you are all doing. i love you all so much and dave and i are constantly praying for all of you.
    we love you
    lauren and dave

  20. Emily Jensen (wong) Says:

    Becky and Cliff (and family)
    I have so many fond memories with all of you and was fortunate enough to get to know you all while Lincoln and I were in high school. I miss not being around your family as I have been in Utah! The past few years I have been able to get to know TC a little better, and I can also speak for my family in that TC is such a fun and amazing guy. I love you all and you are all in my prayers. It’s amazing how fast the news traveled and Thomas has been giving me updates and I am thankful for this blog to get updates as well..I know that things in life don’t always happen according to plan but I know that TC is a fighter and he is a survivor! I miss you all and hope that you feel comforted at this time.

  21. Gram Laidlaw & T.C.'s two crazy aunts Says:

    T.C. tried to persuade us many times to come for a girls weekend at the Marriot, but life always seemed to busy. Then Kelsey called and told us that she and T.C. had been schemeing for her moms 50th birthday. Life went on… and then I got the phone call from Tece, who wouldn’t hang up without a date set, soooo we set the date and then T.C. had to figure out how to get his mom down to the Marriot without her knowing that her mom and sisters would be there waiting for her.

    So here’s how the plan went. He told Becky that she would be having dinner with him in one of the rooms catered by a chef and she bought it. We arrived at the Marriot, our bags were taken, then we were greeted by a Tall, Blonde, handsome young man, put together from head to toe. Next T.C. took us to a Cabana and disappeared for a little while. Putting it into grandmas words, “he came strolling up with a big smile”, carrying poolside drinks with little umberllas poping out of them. We were feeling pretty special at this point.

    After relaxing poolside, T.C. took us up to our beautiful presidential suite… a suite fit for a movie star, priced way out of our league, but thanks to T.C.’s no charge to us. The suite was as big as any of our houses, with a bath tub big enough to swim in, and a beautiful view. Tece was still smiling, and yet being very, “Take Charge and Professional”. Then we found our big fluffy white robes, put them on, and felt like Royalty, we loved being spoiled! His phone rang often, and we noticed how important T.C. was to the Marriot, and what a good job he was doing.We could tell that everyone at the Marriot loved T.C.

    Waiting in our robes, we hid and waited for the big arrival of the birthday girl, Becky. She was suprised and excited as she walked in and saw us all. We crowned he with a beautiful diamond tiara!! She looked like a queen. She even wore the crown to dinner and all through the casino, what a good sport!! Our dinner was comped for us thanks to T.C., what a sweetheart.

    We went back to our suite and next thing we knew there was a knock at the door. We answered it and there was a bellman with a tray holding our nightcap of milk and cookies! Wow!! What a way to end the night. The suite would have been enough entertainment and relaxation to keep us happy for days, but Tece had a much more relaxing day planned for the Redhead gang. Two of us started the day our with massages while the other two had awsome relaxing facials! We all felt like melted pads of butter after mmm! T.C. is always so thought ful and takes time to think of every detail. He knew aunt Sandra would not feel comfortable getting massage so he booked a for her facial instead, which made her DANG happy!

    After that we were escorted down to get pedicures in the nicest pedicure chairs ever! We were in heaven. We just kept looking at each other and giggling. We didn’t think it could get any better when here came T.C. with spiced hot apple cider for the aunties ( which is his favorite starbucks drink), and a strawberry dacquari for grams. Next we went into the spa and were handed” the famous slippers” that aunt Sandra loved so much,and he loved his aunt Sandra aunt so much that he arrived at our family Christmas party with a sack in hand. Much to her suprise, gave her a pair. In the spa we sipped water with lemon slices, ate fresh pears, and any juice you wanted.

    We were all ticked when T.C. worked his magic and pulled off getting us an extra night in the fabulous suite! We ended the next morning with brunch that was fit for a king/ fifty queen!! what a memorable fun experience we will treasure forever because our cute T.C. we’ll never forget our most pampered weekend ever. Aunt Lou Lou Aunt San and Grandma

    p.s. Thanks T.C. for your hugs and making me feel so special! Love Grandma Laidlaw
    Families are like Quilts
    lives pieced together
    stictched with smiles and tears
    colored with memories
    and bound by love

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