April 8 1:00am update:

TC has had a setback. His ICP readings jumped into the high 40’s around 7:00pm and have been fluctuating between 47 & 49 until we left at 1:00am. This is an incredible amount of pressure for a long period of time. A CAT scan was taken, revealing the edema has expanded. This is a fluid that gathers around the brain after head trauma. Even with the drastic measures taken, the swelling continues. Tomorrow morning the Neuro surgeon will consult with us regarding expectations.
Our hearts are filled with the feelings of gratitude as we reflect on the last few days.
Cliff & Becky

3 Responses to “April 8 1:00am update:”

  1. Carrie Smith Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,
    My heart and prayers go out to you at this time. TC is in my prayers always and I’ve been asking for a miracle. Becky, Hayden misses you terribly. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher to him.

  2. Bill Quinn Says:

    Cliff and Becky,
    Just heard about TC’s accident (of course through MacKenzie who is the the worlds best blog monitor). Just wanted you all to know our thoughts and prayers are with you and to offer you the assurance that UMC Trama is a great facility. The main guy, Dr. John Files (sp) was in practice in Chicago with one of my cousins. Got to know John through the State Board of Health and have been continually inpressed with the facility. Until needed, people don’t realize what an asset a Level I Trama Center is. Hang in there, TC is in the best of hands.


  3. Nicole (King) Sorensen Says:

    Cliff and Becky,
    Like so many others, I have been checking up daily to see how T.C. is doing and am so amazed at the Rogers family faith and incredible optimism. It is highly contagious. Through your trial, you have continued to look outward, sharing the gospel with the Hospital Chaplin, getting to know the nurses and other staff, graciously attended to so many family and friend’s inquiries and questions regarding T.C. He is so well loved and your family is very highly regarded as a wonderful example of strength. We continue to pray and fast for T.C. and his amazing parents and sister and brothers. Your example has already strengthened so many of us and will only continue to do so.
    We love you, Trent and Nicole

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