Neurosurgeon consultation

The neurosurgeon consulted with Mom and Dad last night about TC’s condition.  They are going to try to raise TC’s blood pressure even further.  This is probably the last thing that they can do for TC, medically speaking.  We are lucky that TC is so strong, as most people could not physically handle the high blood pressure the doctors are trying now.  We don’t know how long they will be trying what they are trying right now.  The doctors say that if TC was 40 or 50, they would have been backing off of the treatments a while ago.

I was talking to Kelsey last night, and I was discussing how surprised I am at how I have been feeling during this whole thing.  When I first got the call that TC was very serious, I was devastated.  I couldn’t control myself in front of my kids, who have never seen their father cry.  The next day I was feeling a little better, and I was able to attend the temple, which was a very special experience for me.  On day 3, I was optimistic.  Since then, I have felt such peace.  I have been feeling a little bit of guilt, since I have not been as emotional as I would have imagined I would, especially with the roller coaster of yesterday.  I had a conversation with Kelsey that went something like this.

Allan:  I thought I would be much more distraught with today’s news.  I feel guilty that I am not freaking out, or crying, or really even sad.

Kelsey:  I feel the same way, but do you think the way you are feeling is a coincidence?

My wise, faithful little sister pointed out something very important.  The calm and love that our family is feeling right now is thanks to all of you, and the love of our Savior.  There is no question in my mind that our strength is being propped up through external means.

Allan – 9:20 am


16 Responses to “Neurosurgeon consultation”

  1. Naomi Spiewak Says:

    There are so many of us that LOVE TC so very much, and also LOVE the Family. You are the most Wonderful Amazing Family that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. So many of us feel lost, wanting to something anything that we can for TC and the Family, and since there really isnt much that we can do…we just keep on praying, because that is the one thing we all know that we can do! We dont just pray for a miracle for TC to come out of this…we are all also praying for the Family to be able to get through this too. You shouldnt feel bad that your not freaking out, because you have God on your side comforting you and helping you all through this…and it just makes me feel so happy to know that our prayers are helping! Love you all!!!


  2. Michael Christenson Says:

    Still praying. Still loving. Still hoping.

  3. Jon Losey Says:

    I am a friend of TC’s from High School and College. I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

    Jon Losey

  4. Kiana Hayden Says:

    Thanks for another tear jerker Allan! I know I’m just a friend to TC, but I too feel very peaceful about the situation. TC has lived his life to the fullest; he’s been successful, a social butterfly and a faithful member. I believe he’s at a great place in his life and has been able to touch so many people. I’m grateful for the friendship he’s giving me and I’m so grateful for your family’s example to all of us. You give us strength!

    Much love.

  5. Vicki Corbett Says:

    I am so sad to get this latest update. You are all in my prayers. The whole ward is praying for you and calling to see what they can do. I have been letting them know about this blog. Thanks so much for keeping it updated for us. I know you have to be overwhelmed with calls so this lets us keep in touch and still give you your privacy. I know that you can feel that we are all there with you and that we have much love for TC and your family.

  6. sarah terry Says:

    All I can say right now is I love you guys. Thank you for everything. TC is a strong kid and I am right beside you guys in all that is going on. I love you

  7. Gary & Barbara McDonald Says:

    Thank you so much for the updates. We have been checking often to see how you all are doing. We’re impressed with the dignity you’ve shown in so difficult a time. It’s evident your family’s influence is broad and far-reaching. Please know of our support and prayers for all of you.

  8. Jordan and Jodi McDonald Says:

    Hello Rogers Family, this is a note that we received from Jordan this morning:

    I read TC’s website.  The Roger’s concern is obvious throughout.  Cliff referred, at random places in his post, to the beautiful sunny, spring weather.  It made me think of President Eyring’s talk in General Conference.  He mentioned that his father taught him that 50% of people have serious troubles in their lives and that he should always be sensitive to them.  A person may appear as if everything is right, but in actuality they are deeply worried about something and wishing for some respite.  I admire Cliff’s response, because it’s hardest to see the beauty around us when such an ugly and worrisome event seems to send that world crashing down.  Also, it’s often hard to see past the beauty and comfort when one’s life isn’t disturbed. 

  9. Wes and Donna Stephenson Says:

    Cliff and Becky;

    Shortly after TC’s accident, the “jungle drums” reached us in Cedar City and we began following your blog as we joined in prayer with countless others. I imagine that you have far more friends even that what is apparent – people like us who have not been in contact with you for quite some time but who are aware of your challenges and applying faith to the cause. May the Lord continue to be at your side.

    Wes and Donna Stephenson

  10. Vj Chowdhury Says:

    Dear Cliff & Becky,
    Just heard the news about TC’s Accident through carrie and are speechless and saddened at the turn of Events. We hope our Heavenly Father gives you the strength to endure through these times. Your family has always been and continues to be a source of inspiration,love and compassion in our lives.

  11. Dave & Ann McDonough Says:

    Rogers Family,

    We just want you to know how much we love you and your family! We are constantly thinking about TC and praying for him. Even as he lays there TC is touching many peoples lives, what a great example of missionary work your family is to those reading this blog. We are grateful for the technology that allows all of us to keep updated while allowing you time to be with TC. If there is anything that we can do to help you know that we’d be there in a second for you.

  12. Heather Bell Says:

    Man, you all sure know how to make a girl cry!! I think it is beautiful how many people have come out and shown support. It is amazing. It is so wonderful what people can do during a tragedy. We all love you and are thinking of you constantly. I was going to bring you Dairy Queen the other day as I passed by the hospital but I didn’t know if you were there or not. You are all such a great example of faith and hope. And it is wonderful how TC has brought us all together in love.

  13. Heather (Alger) Worthen Says:

    Dear Rogers Family-
    I have debated this post for some time and hope in advance that you’ll forgive me if it’s lengthy. I just couldn’t not respond anymore after these recent posts. I know TC but not well. Heather (Terry) is a good friend of mine (I’m the one who came and got Spencer at the hospital last week) and my mom was good friends with Dora and Joyce.
    I think you need to know that there is nothing wrong with not feeling sad and racked with agony over the circumstances you find yourselves in. Don’t feel guilty for your peace, though I know you will. I had an experience prior to the passing of my mother that I haven’t shared with many. She had a brain aneurysm and everything was very sudden. When I arrived at the hospital I was given some time alone with her right away. As a 17-year old girl looking at my 38-year old mother who was my best friend, I found myself not knowing what to do. All I could think was to whisper to her that if she needed to go then it was okay, that we would be okay without her, and that I would take care of the rest of the family for her. Yes, I was sad at the moment… But I found myself oddly at peace when I told her. I can’t tell you how many times since then I have had those moments of anger and grief where I kick myself for saying such a thing and wonder if my words made the difference for her. Yet, I know that I was given a comfort and a peace at that time that was unmistakable and I know that those feelings were the grace of God letting me know that all was in His hands and that all works out for the best in the end. I have no doubt that the veil between this life and the next becomes very thin for those who need to have that comfort when the time arises. I have no doubt that it is because of God’s overwhelming love for each and every one of us and because of his grace. I also have no doubt that you have peace because of the prayers on behalf of TC and your family. It is a wonderful and humbling thing to feel the prayers of those near and far. Heather asked me recently I came to terms with losing my mom and how my husband came to terms with his brother being paralyzed in a car accident. I told her that you don’t come to terms with those things…you simply come to recognize the Lord’s hand in everything and accept that He knows best and that everything He allows to happen is ultimately out of love. You cling to those feelings of testimony that you receive as a witness when the going truly gets tough. I’m so glad that you have opened your hearts and shared those thoughts and feelings with all of us. Truly, TC has a mission to fulfill and it is evident that that is being done already. I pray that whatever the outcome may be you will continue to have that comfort and peace and that you won’t feel guilty for it but will be at peace with having it.

  14. Rachel Says:

    Dear Rogers Family: I have been thinking of you constantly for the last week. Kelsey is my wonderful friend slash nanny 🙂 and I knew T.C. in high school. I understand that feeling of peace that you describe. My son died five years ago of a generic muscular disorder. The entire time we were in the hospital, I felt that amazing peace and love and strength. I could honestly feel that heaven had opened up into that room. That is the promise that we hear since primary and may not fully understand until a moment like this: you will never be alone. During the times of greatest trial, the Savior really is near. The grief that you would feel without it would be too much to bear alone. Kelsey, I adore you and hope that you can keep your beautiful personality and sense of humor through this trial. I am here for you, even if you just want to use me for a trip to Newport. And remember most of all: make it squishy!

  15. Dave & Pam Driscoll Says:

    Cliff and Becky,
    We would like to let you know that our prayers and thoughts are with and your family. Thru our own experience eleven years ago we know that thru your faith, priesthood blessings, family and friends we were able to have peace and comfort thru out our trial. You are blessed to have them also, rely upon them each day. The Lord will carry and comfort each day.
    Please let us know if we can do anything for your family.

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