Singles Ward Fast

From Mindy Meacham

we want to do another ward fast starting tonight at six until tomorrow at six. we were wondering if somehow we can get the word out on the blog or facebook. we want everyone to know about it and participate. the more people the better!!

2 Responses to “Singles Ward Fast”

  1. Jenny Cooper Says:

    I know your sons a bit from the singles wards. I was very touched when I heard about TC. He is on my mind frequently, as well as all of you. It is great to hear that so much happiness and hope and faith still abound with you all during this time when so many would be downtrodden. It is such a blessing to live in these days and have the gospel in our lives!!!
    I am excited for another fast and will keep you all in my prayers and thoughts. May you always remember the great truths you know.
    My mother and father, Kim and Doug Cooper, have you all in their thoughts, as well.



    Cliff,Becky and Rogers Family,

    We were out of town at the time of TC’s accident.
    Mandy happened upon the web page. We are all so saddened to hear of his accident. I don’t know if we will ever understand these trials we are faced with in our mortal life. I do know that through times like these we feel our saviors love and his arms squeezing very tightly around us and whispering everything will be o.k. I also know that it is trials like these that make our testimonies of the importance of being an eternal family and the plan of salvation grow even stronger! Today is the anniversary of our temple sealing, and another day for me to reflect on its importance in my life, the gratefulness I feel to be able to be a family forever!!!!! What could be more important than that? I know you all have a testimony of this. I know that you feel his arms around you now!!!! Thank you so much for the updates on TC’s condition. We love you and your family. We are fasting and praying for you all.

    Love- Monte and Annette Brown

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