Wednesday April 9th morning update

24-25, External facial swelling nearly gone, pneumonia continues- they can treat him for pneumonia more aggressively if the ICP was lower. TC looks like he should sit up and yawn, stretch and ask when are we eating?

Becky and I have decided to take the advice the nurses and others suggestions, that is to limit visitors. It is so hard for us, because we now know how many people TC has made feel so close to him. All of you feel closeness to him as a “special, close” friend and want to see him. I am finding out that he treats all his acquaintances, every one of them, as a special close friend. I don’t know how he does it. He should run for a political office.

We need to limit his in room visitors to family, and ecclesiastical leaders. This decision is for his health care. TC is very substitutable to many viruses and illnesses. He also needs complete silence and non-stimulation (at this time, there will be a time that he will need much stimulation). We need to give the caregivers physical room and more importantly their focus and concentration to do their jobs. We love TC’s nurses so much and want them to know all about his life and friends that sometimes I forget that they are on the clock. We need to be sensitive that this facility serves the whole community for trauma, and we need to share it, not over burden and take it over. We do need to be aware of others needs and assist as best we can.

We enjoy the comments on this blog and please share your stories of TC; they are so precious and important to us right now. We need you to continue praying for us. We need you to think of the way you feel about this tragedy, and then be more sympathetic to those around you who may be suffering from a tragedy and assist them in some way. We really feel your love and concern. Thank you for so much…in fact we want to thank a few people now.

We want to thank the people that brought us pillows. They are nice to sit on. We want to thank the people that brought us blankets; they keep this room cold for many reasons, all to help TC. We want to thank the people that brought us sandwiches the first days, they were and believe it or not, still good. We want to thank the people that gave us cookies and goodies; we shared them with the nurses. We want to thank the people that fixed my flat tire. We want to thank the people that stocked our refrigerator. They are very special people to us. We want to thank those people that watered the flowers. We want to thank the people that brought us reading material; it is a nice diversion at times. We want to thank the people that made us breakfast, those flat pancakes were delicious. A special thanks for the people that cleaned our house, (they didn’t even steal anything, and in fact they left some things behind). We want to thank those people that have helped Becky at her school; they have helped beyond explanation, and are so appreciated. We want to thank the people that have contributed to the blog; it is a new thing for us, and such a great thing. We thank everyone that has done anything. Lastly, I want to thank our families, especially our children. They are so precious and helpful. We have a greater understanding of love. Thanks to our brothers and sisters, for just “being there”. It is indescribable, the safety and comfort they provide. “Thanks”, all of you.

Cliff and Becky.


14 Responses to “Wednesday April 9th morning update”

  1. Mike Sagers family Says:

    Cliff and Becky,
    We are so relieved to see those pressures come down. We want to add our love to the many others whose hearts and prayers are calling upon our Father in Heaven’s blessing to be with your family.

    Love, Mike and DeDe Sagers

  2. trish williams Says:

    Thank you so much for this blog, I check it everyday to see how TC is doing. What you said is right about TC making everyone he meets feel like they’re special, and I really love him for that. I pray for him and all your family everyday. The strength the Rogers family has had is inspirational and it motivates me to face my challenges with more faith. Thank you. I love you guys.

  3. Kathy Mitchell Family Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,
    My family has been reading your blog every day and we want you to know of our love and concern and that along with so many others we are praying for TC and your family. We have never had the opportunity to meet TC, but we know Lincoln and Kelsey and think the world of them. Again, our prayers are with you……Love, Kathy and Scott Mitchell Family

  4. Joanne Chandler Says:

    Throughout my day I think about your family. Cliff, remember when I borrowed your dutch oven for girls camp and I had to come get it and you gave me a lesson on how to clean it correctly. I was told that if I didn’t clean it properly I better just pack up and move from Las Vegas because you would be after me. (Well mayby you weren’t quite that scary, but I do remember being very nervous about the whole cleaning thing.) I also think about working in the nursery with Becky, when you left for a new calling, even though you left your box of nursery games with me I didn’t last very long. Those kids in nursery were pretty disapointed to see me there with no Becky! I appreciated Kelsey working for me at “A Wild Hair”, always so honest and hard working, I never had to worry when she was at the shop in charge. Lincoln being such a great friend and example to Jake. I just read Lacee’s storey about the overnight slumber party. Yes, ok I will admit it the girls were at my house. I found out they got up in the middle of the night and walked from Painted Desert to the Roger’s culdesac to see TC and the boys. Mariel and the girls were not very old, it seems like mayby 13 or 14 and they walked that far in the middle of the night! Mariel didn’t have too many slumber parties after that, and when she did I was checking on them the whole night.
    We are all thinking and praying for TC here in Montana.

  5. Celeste Green Says:

    We’ve been checking every morning and evening on TC’s condition. I then call my mom and update her…. ‘blogging’ is not her thing…yet. Thankful things are looking a more encouraging today. Love to all of you, The Green Family

  6. Kathy Spicuzza Says:

    Cliff & Becky – Kari had told me about this blog for TC. TC and your family are in my prayers and thoughts every day. I remember NJB basketball games and TC always with the skateboard! Prayer has amazing powers. Thinking of both of you and for the speedy recovery for TC.
    Love and prayers,
    Kathy Spicuzza

  7. Cassie & Barry Says:

    I am a serious task person and needed to channel somewhere. I am bringing a quilt made to look (I hope) like bandages that can be signed by all those that care and given to TC when he can use it-it’s flannel on the back to keep him warm. He can see all those that brought good wishes and prayers.

  8. sarah terry Says:

    After all the latest scare with his ICP being really high, this blog made me smile. I want to thank YOU for keeping everyone updated even me in the small little hick town Rexburg, Idaho. I love you guys!

  9. Leigh Ann Hinote Says:

    Cliff and Becky,

    Jim and I keep you and your family in our prayers every day. I am glad to read good news today. I appreciate all of your hard work keeping us all updated on TC and want to say thank you to you! I check this blog several times a day and really enjoy Cliff’s writing style.

    May the Lord continue to watch over TC and bless your family with comfort and peace.

  10. Heather Bell Says:

    Well, I’m glad I didn’t bring you dairy queen now!=) After you all are home, we will definitely be by to bug you. We just love you all so much and are so impressed by how you are handling this. I think writing is so therapeutic and it seems to have helped you get a lot of thoughts down. I know so many people appreciate the updates. Love you all! PS. My dad and I were reminiscing on the names you used to call eachother ie, bawana man. =)

  11. Tracy Allison Says:

    My heart goes out to your family during this difficult time. I work with TC at Green Valley Ranch and even though I haven’t known him for very long he has become a big part of our “Spa Family”. We all miss his spirit around the spa and are awaitng his return. On Monday, the day of the accident TC was so kind and set up a massage for me at the Red Rock Spa. When I got finished with my tretment around 4pm I texted him to thank him for his kindness and care for me. He wrote me back “You deserve it”. This gesture touched me so deeply and when I heard the news abuot Tc’s accident I was in shock. I know that he has inner strength to conquer such a trial. He is an amazing role model to so many and I am constantly surrounding him in light and love. His angels and God are with him and your family always. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless

  12. JoAnn Says:

    Although I haven’t had a lot of contact with TC, he’s impressed me with his friendliness and efficiency. I started at Red Rock just before he transferred and remember him always saying hello and he caught me off guard when he asked me how things were going just as I was walking past his office one day. I backed up to chat briefly and thought it was nice of him to ask. There were a couple of times when he took care of small details very quickly. And another time when he followed up with me after I had gone over to GVR for the day to make sure I got paid for it. I was planning to visit before I read this last entry, so instead I’m submitting this comment until he’s able to have visitors.

    Thank you for keeping us all informed with this blog. I woke up Tues. morning much earlier than normal (that means 6 am for me!) and had TC strongly on my heart and mind. The idea of carrying a “rememberance stone” came to mind and now I carry a small stone with me as a physical, tangible reminder to pray for TC. When he recovers, I will give it to him so he can remember how much he is loved and by so many people.

  13. Nadia Says:

    I work with TC and would just like to say my thoughts and prayers are with you. I also wanted to share a cute story about TC.
    After the accident my 4 year old daughter Niah overheard me telling my husband about what had happened. Right away she showed deep concern for TC saying (she is also very dramatic) “OH that’s terrible will he be ok” and then she told me that she wanted to let him know Heavenly Father is watching over him. Everyday now she asks me how he is doing and if his head is better. The other day she said let’s call TC and see how his head is doing. I know TC really enjoyed Niah and would be glad to know she is thinking about him. The other night she was praying with her dad and she asked him what she should pray about, he told her pray for everyone you love, your friends and family. It made me cry when she then asked Heavenly father to be with her friend TC and bless him in his coma.
    I know TC really loved children and couldn’t wait to have some himself oneday. Cheree who also works at GVR was expecting and TC out of the blue one day told her he was going to come visit her in the hospital after she had her baby and bring her a bouquet of flowers with a bat hidden inside so he could hit her over the head and steal her baby because he just couldn’t wait to have kids. ha ha
    I do pray TC makes a full recovery and has lots of kids of his own, and doesn’t have to resort to stealing babies
    Much love to you and your family,
    Nadia Stevens

  14. Dora Says:

    Cliff and Becky,
    I’m so glad that Curtis and I were able to spend a few minutes with you last night. TC is constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I am so proud that I can call myself TC’s aunt! I am also thankful that we are an eternal family, that we were raised in the Gospel by loving parents.
    Thank you for all the time you spend updating this blog. I chekc it several times a day and love seeing the comments, many from people that I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time. It is comforting to think of how many people are praying for TC. Just about everyone I have told has said, “I will keep him in my prayers,” even people who don’t know him.

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