Wednesday, April 9, late night update

We left him as the nurses just got finished cleaning him and changing all his bedding and dressings. He looked so good, calm and restful. They even comb the hair he has left. Becky and Kelsey were allowed to stay in the room as Alex, Melinda and Jenny went to work on him. They talked and laughed as they said they were giving TC a spa treatment. I am so grateful that they care for him in such a dignified way, with class and professionalism. They work as a team so well and enjoy each others differences. True examples of professionals.

TC is still hanging in the 33 – 35 range, rather high. The sodium solution brings his pressure down, and it slowly sneaks back up. He is a little swollen at the wrists and hands because of all the fluids that are needed to help the keep him hydrated as the sodium tries to dry him out. Quite a balancing act. I do say every once in a while, “this is brain surgery.”

Kelsey, Becky and I enjoyed some good moments tonight. We got a good laugh as I tried to convince them that we should attach all the EEG wires (that were removed from TC when he went to CAT scan) to our heads and then link them to TC’s head and hum when the nurses came in. We touched TC a little as we left; it felt far from his normal touch. Becky whispers something when she leaves every night.



7 Responses to “Wednesday, April 9, late night update”

  1. Sarah Terry Says:

    that is so sweet. i know tc really loves having you all there with him. i love you guys.

  2. Horito Family Says:

    We just want you to know that our prayers (that’s at least 10) are with you!The children ask me daily how T.C. is. Isn’t it wonderful how this gospel, and faith binds us all together? We don’t know T.C. but because we know and love “Brother” & “Sister” Rogers (two of our favorite Primary Teachers!), and “I’m Lincoln Rogers and my name is Lincoln Rogers”, and sweet Kelsey, we feel connected to all of your family! Please know that we are here for you! We do love and think of you all as you go through this experience…you are not alone!
    Tom, Kellee, Candice, Shelby, Tawni, Lyndsey, Spencer, Aaron, Logan & Chloe

  3. Darlene Johnson Says:

    Cliff, Becky and Family,
    This seems so insignificant right now, but I have to thank you Becky for all those worksheets and the help you have given me with Glenn.
    The kids are concerned for Sister Rogers and “Mr. Rogers”, so you can figure out one of the shows they grew up watching. Glenn was asking about TC the other day and concerned that he was in pain. We had a good talk.
    As I listen to my kids prayers I am so touched by their love and faith and feelings. Then I think of all the families that are praying for you guys and how many children that might encompass…I just know that Heavenly Father has a special spot for their prayers.
    I don’t think a prayer is said in this house, whether it be personal, family or a blessing on the food that the Rogers Family isn’t mentioned. We love you and care about you and send our support to you.

  4. Tracy & Tammie Stratton Says:

    Rogers Family – Please know that you are in our prayers daily, We love your family and are available to help in anyway needed. It’s very touching to read about the love of a family. No wonder families are such an important part of Heavenly Fathers plan. Not only imediate family, but Ward families as well. Please know that you are loved.

  5. Vicki and Ken Ligon Says:

    Dear friends,

    Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Your family is amazing and inspiring to all of us. We will continue to lift your family to the Lord in prayer. We love you!

  6. Jeff and Lora Says:

    Love you guys. Thinking about you and our sweet nephew. Thanks so much for the updates, we check every few hours. Your faith and positive attitude are such an inspiriation. What an example of faith you guys are. I am glad your nurses are so awsome! Nurses remind me alot of teachers,(first grade teachers) caring ,thoughtful and hardworking like my sis!

  7. Laura (Grizzle) Zemp Says:

    I wasn’t surprised to hear of your ideas about the EEG leads!3 My best memory of my dad’s hospitalization in the early 1990s is Cliff making a rooster comb out of one of the hospital gloves by stretching it over his head and blowing it up with his nose. 🙂 To be able to laugh during tragedy is a great gift. Thinking of you and praying for you often.

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