April 11 am update

They pulled TC off of the coma inducing meds this morning.  As the powerful chemicals diminish, a million things could occur.  This may take many days.  Cliff is writing a more detailed synopsis that he will email off to me for posting this afternoon.


4 Responses to “April 11 am update”

  1. Lindsay (Mortensen) Bailey Says:

    We are praying for your whole family. I hope that you can continue to feel the peace you have spoken about. Our thoughs are with you always.

  2. Chris Abbott Says:

    Rogers Family,

    I work at GVR and have not had the pleasure to meet TC. I have followed your blog daily as I pray for a divine intervention in TC condition and for your families continued strength and support through the Lord. I am truly inspired with your positive attitudes and sincere and strong faith that shines through with each update. I pray several times a day to ask God to grace us all again with TC who has positively affected so many people and lives to serve the Lord. I just want you to know that so many at his GVR family are thankful for the updates and send our love and prayers.

  3. Tarin (Haymore) Christensen Says:

    I constantly have a prayer in my heart for you (the family) and TC. His friendship and example have touched so many lives, and now your faith and strength are touching many more. I can’t imagine what you are feeling, but I hope you continue to feel the love we all have for you and TC.

  4. Barry & Cassie Says:

    If you have had a few alone(?) minutes with Cliff & Becky, you probably have a greater understanding for what it feels like to be in the eye of a storm. We were blessed to share that the other night and can surely see where the Roger’s siblings developed their joyful, reaching out, drawing in souls. As they nurture all around them, I ache for the pain that they must feel and decisions involved, yet know with their love & faith they will continue as strong as ever.
    TC was a bright spot in my seminary class years ago and it was a delight to reconnect with him in the single’s ward. He made us feel loved-always…

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