April 11th, Friday late afternoon update

Well… TC has been off the pentobarbital for almost 12 hours as I write this at 6:45pm. His ICP has risen to 39-40 and still has a fever. On the other hand his pneumonia has not come forth as feared. He does have a little fluid in his lungs but it has not developed into pneumonia. TC also had a very weak cough as Alex, the breathing guy, was doing his thing. A cough is good. That was the first time I saw his body move since the operations.

Becky, Kelsey and I escaped with Uncle Larry and Aunt Clair to Luv-its this afternoon, while TC was in for a CAT scan. It was fun to hear how Cousin Lindsey and her new born baby are doing. They scanned TC’s neck for the first time since the accident, to make sure there weren’t any fears there, and there weren’t.

The next few days will be edgy for us at best, as every little sign, symptom, beep and number can mean something. We have a new sense of hope, especially since we now have a Hope Jar. It is a wonderful feeling to feel all your support, thoughts, prayers and intentions. Thank you for everything.

I can’t believe it is Friday already. I now understand the time space theory; as we have been in a small space and time seems to fly. That’s what is it about… right?



3 Responses to “April 11th, Friday late afternoon update”

  1. Jeremy Petersen Says:

    Hey I went to High School with TC and and even worked with him as a life guard at the JW Marriott. Him and his family will definately be in my prayers! He is such a great guy! Please, if possible keep me informed with any updates at jeremyryan82@hotmail.com.

    God Bless,

    Jeremy Petersen

  2. Jen C. Says:

    I am praying for TC and your family. A remarkable young woman and friend in my hometown of Mapleton, Utah may give you hope. Her name is Jessica Krehbiel. I encourage you to check out the website set up for her at http://www.prayforjessica.com. I pray that TC will be the miracle that Jessica is. I want you to know that I love and trust the Lord and truly believe things happen for a reason. May He bless your family!!!

  3. Tracy and John Green Says:

    HI Becky and Cliff- We are continuing to pray for all of you- we serve an awesome God who will prevail here- remember he makes all things new…spring is the time of hope and new beginnings…know we are thinking of you from the Pacific Northwest. Much Love, John and Tracy Green

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