Saturday morning April 12th.

TC is still here, he didn’t sneak out last night. His pressure is still in the low 30’s. They have disconnected the EEG, as they no longer need to monitor his brain activity because of the induced coma. It is wait and see time. As the pentobarbital metabolizes through out his body things can happen. Just what things and how much activity is the big question. This reminds me of cutting a deck of cards; you don’t know what you’ll get. (Or is it a box of chocolates?).

TC has a bulge or distention in his abdomen, so they will be taking him for a CAT scan of that area. It was explained to us that sometimes the medicines they introduce to him cause stomach and bowel concerns. They also have him under a cooling blanket to try to get his temperature down. For some reason this is what drives me crazy, knowing how he liked to be in his warm fuzzy white blanket.

TC looks so peaceful. His favorite CD is playing softly in the background. I listened to it in his car the third day after his accident and I was impressed that he was listening to such good music. I listened to a couple of songs and wondered if he burned a CD for himself, because of the diversity of the music. When I ejected the CD, I discovered it was a purchased CD of the movie soundtrack “Meet Joe Black.” I then started to remember what a good movie that was and as I recalled the plot of the movie, my emotions surfaced rather quickly. Right then Lincoln called and it was difficult to answer the question, “What are you doing Dad?”

I am impressed that there is a CD player in the room. We found out that all the rooms have them, a gift from DR. O. (Ozobia). He feels that it can help sooth and heal the patients of the Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Yet again; another unknown act of kindness here at UMC.


See the stories section for a contribution by Cliff that will make you question his parenting and decision making abilities


4 Responses to “Saturday morning April 12th.”

  1. trish williams Says:

    Everyday you inspire hope in those of us reading this, through your updates. Thank you so much for them. Glad you liked the hope jar 🙂

  2. Michael Christenson Says:

    He was listening to that soundtrack Sunday night and remarking how much he loved it. Who knew…

  3. Joe and Guelda Gates Says:

    Our hearts are full of love for a wonderful family who have given us all a glimpse of what Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ wants us all to be like. Your comments are always unplifting to all who read them. Your strength and concern for the welfare of others while your own hearts are breaking is truly inspiring. TC has been held up and carried through his ordeal by your love that has no bounds, he and his brothers and sister have strong and wonderful parents. The love you have shown is an example for all of us. We send our love and are praying for your continued peace and strength through the hard days ahead. We will try to show our love and concern for your sweet parents, Becky, and in some small way, maybe it will help you. Does that make sense? Love to you all. Uncle Joe and Aunt Guelda

  4. Carrie Greco - Rose Says:

    I worked with TC at the JW Marriott. He was an amazing young man. He will grant Heaven an incredible Angel. He is missed by more than you will ever imagine. Peace and prayers with you all.

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