Saturday April 13, late night report

We had a pleasant night with TC, His cousin Amy was in town and she was able to visit his bedside. His new night nurse John was introduced and we instantly recognized his compassionate care. He is from Hawaii.

TC still has a fever and it was brought down a bit. He is still in that cold cooling blanket. It was also discovered that he has a blot clot in his right arm. This could present a problem at any time. They are going to do a CAT scan early in the morning to determine additional information on his neck, and to see if his cranium mid-line shift and edema has changed any. This is my concern, this mid-line shift thing.

Since he has been taken off the pentobarbital, his body is starting to react on its own to some basic stimulus. He gags and attempts to cough slightly a few times an hour. It is nice to see him move. He has a twitch somewhere at times and has even partially opened his eyes. These were all results that we were told could happen, a natural effect of the coma inducing medication breaking down. These actions stimulate hope in all of us that see them.

Hope is such a strong aspect to man. Without hope man is lost; without hope the soul is empty. Hope is certainly tied to faith, as faith and hope are cousins in the spiritual realm of things. Then there is charity. Charity is extended to others as a result of hope and faith being exercised. “Wherefore, there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must also be hope; and if there must be hope there must also be charity.” These three attributes combined, give man joy, and make us feel secure and content, especially during times of trials, no matter what the out come. We have felt these qualities over and over the last few days. We thank you for sharing these intimate traits with our family.



10 Responses to “Saturday April 13, late night report”

  1. Tara Maxfield Says:

    Cliff and Becky,

    I check your blog multiple times a day and anxiously wait for your updates. Your family’s example of faith and hope have truly strengthened my own testimony. I have also heard many others comment on how your words are being used as a powerful missionary tool… TC will be so pleased knowing how this experience is helping others turn to Christ. Thank you for your continued strength and service as you diligently write to keep the rest of us informed. I know so many of us appreciate it.

    Tara Maxfield

  2. Heather Bell Says:

    What a great post!!! So good to hear TC is moving around a bit. When all of this is said and done, you are going to be one fabulous writer! We love you guys.

  3. Rebecca Volle Says:

    We all share in that hope you have so eloquently spoken. Our thoughts and prayers continue with you.

    The Volle Family

  4. dorothy Says:

    praying for TC, God bless you all.
    dorothy ny

  5. Mitch McClellan Says:

    Thank you for keeping so many of us that are concerned and praying for TC updated. I am so proud of TC and the way he was living his life. My memories of my church service with him and the joy that we shared together are tender mercies to my soul.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless You.

    Mitch McClellan

  6. jon scolari's mom Says:

    I too, follow updates. My Kids went to school with Lincoln. Lots of connections thru the church. I admire the strength this family has shown thru this time of adversity, their faith is an inspiration. I and anyone I know who has a relationship with Heavenly Father is praying for TC and his family. My thoughts and prayers are yours. Marion Lamb Scolari

  7. Keely Bryner Says:

    Dear Mrs. Rogers and Family,
    I hope your son feels better when you come back to school I promise to give you a big giant hug! I pray for him everynight.

  8. John L. Ligon Says:

    I just got off of the phone with my mother and father (Ken and Vicki Ligon) and they relayed to me the unfortunate news. I never knew TC – except indirectly through the conversation tonight with my parents – though I have learned a lot about him and his the family that raised him on this site. For what it is worth, I send my sincerest regards to everyone closest to TC, and I will keep everyone in my prayers.

    With candor,


  9. Chris and Lisa Jensen Says:

    Dear Rodgers Family,
    Emily called to let us know about T.C. We are without words to express our feelings to all of you. We have the highest reguard for all of your family, and even though we have had more experiences with Lincoln , we were aquainted with T.C. He is an extrodinary young man, who has changed so much in the last few years. As we scrolled over the photos it is hard not to see his friend Josh; and remember his passing. What missions must these young men have on the other side? How thankful we are to have the knowledge that the restored gospel brings to all our lives. May you recieve that sweet comfort and peace you so deserve at this time in your life. Our hearts go out to you.
    With much consolation,

    The Jensens

  10. Derrck Leaver & Family Says:

    I would like to first extend my Condolences to The Entire Rogers family. I am soooo sorry for your guys loss. TC will be dearly missed by many. It is also interesting that Cliff mentioned dares and double-dares…. I remember when we were younger We were all over at the Chandlers House for a Birthday sleepover. As the night got really late, the truth or dare came about. I remember TC daring me and Jake Chandler to put toothpaste all over Lincoln while he was sleeping (TC Participated of course!!). I remember Lincoln waking up after about an hour screaming that the toothpaste was burning and his face and body were burning like crazy. After enjoying our (well, his) joke/dare TC and I told him to just jump in the pool. I believe he jumped in the pool wearing all of his pajamas. That was a great laugh TC is always way too much fun, if there is such a thing!!! TC is always such a joker, always bringing smiles wherever he would present himself. If the Rogers family needs anything, please do not hesitate to ask Any of the Leavers. our thoughts and prayers are with family constantly at this Tough time. It is so great to know that families will be together forever and we will re-unite when we all come to the end…. TC is Such a great person, whos youth was ended too soon. At this time we just have to trust in our faith and that perhaps god needed him more than the world did. I can honestly know that he is needed where he is, and he still has that giant smile on him….Maybe some of our Angels needed cheering up.
    Derrick Leaver and Family

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