TC has passed on

TC passed on Sunday, April 13, 2008 at around 7:30 pm.

We will be writing more.


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  1. Kelly French Says:

    Our hearts ache for you

  2. Diedra Chassereau Says:

    The world has lost a one beautiful great person, friend, and mentor! Our heart is saddened along with your families.

    Good bye for now TC, we will always remember you and how you made the world a better place!

    The Chassereau Family

  3. Ressie Wakeley Says:

    My condolensce to The Roger’s Family. TC will be greatly missed. He is now with the Lord looking over all of us. TC, until we meet again! Aloha Oe!

    Ressie Wakeley (Spa Red Rock)

  4. Lindsay (Mortensen) Bailey Says:

    Words cannot express our sadness for your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. We know TC is with our Heavenly Father and he has had such an impact on so many people. We love him and we love your family.

  5. Bernadette Says:

    My condolenscences to the Rogers family, God Bless you all and to you TC,
    I will miss you my friend, until we meet again!!! (Station Casinos)

  6. Vicki and Ken Ligon Says:

    Dear ones,

    No words can adequately express what we are feeling right now. Know that our prayers are with you now and in the days ahead. We pray for God’s strength and comfort for your family.

    We send our love.

    Ken and Vicki

  7. Mindy (Webb) Phelps Says:

    I am so sorry that you are all going through this time. I Love you all so much and will pray for your family. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  8. Julie Weaver Says:

    Your family is and has been in our prayers. We are so sorry for your loss.
    They say if you lose a parent you are an orphan, if you lose a spouse you are a widow or widower, yet, there is not a word in the english language sad enough to describe the loss off a child. We are so sorry.

  9. Jamie & Rod Smith Says:

    We are praying for you all at this time. It’s evident through the people TC has touched that he truly led a wonderful life. Until we meet again!

  10. Kate Petersen (Taber) Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about TC. I have been thinking of him often since I heard about his accident, and I am so sad to hear he has passed away. You are in my prayers.

  11. Erica Tornberg Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. He will be missed!

  12. The Kenny Stewart family Says:

    We love you and our family grieves with you. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you for some time to come. His smile will be missed.

  13. Tara Maxfield Says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. TC is an amazing person who touched so many lives during her short time here on earth. Our family prays for your family daily and we know that the power of the Atonement will continue to heal your hearts in the months to come. There must be a sweet reunion going on right now…I am sure TC was welcomed home by our Savior with open arms. I am sure he is also anxious to get started on all the missionary work he has been waited so patiently to do.

    Tara Maxfield

  14. Sandy Cutting Says:

    Becky, Cliff, Kelsey, Lincoln, and Allan,

    Lyndsay just called with the sad news from Mindy. My heart is breaking at the loss of this dear, sweet boy. My prayers and concern continue to be with you. I know this sounds trite, but please let me know if I can help with ANYTHING–I know you must be exhausted.

    Again, know that this dynamic young man has served faithfully to accomplish his mission here on Earth and will now continue his mission with his Heavenly Father. He may not have been a “return missionary” but the missionary has returned home. His love and influence is not lost.

    I love you all,

  15. Joanne Chandler Says:

    Jake called me tonight and told me about TC passing. He asked me if he should go home, or finish his shift at work. I asked him how he was feeling, could he concentrate on work, and he told me, “you know it’s wierd I feel really calm”. “I feel ok”. I think that the time that we have all had to read stories about TC from people who know and love him, and to hear about the huge impact that he has on all of the people around him, has helped us with the great sadness we now feel. Cliff, Becky, Alan, TC, Lincoln and Kelsey, our thoughts are with you.

  16. Jill Says:

    I just keep thinking of TC saying “It’s a miracle” and wondering if he was seeing beyond the veil and into the heavens.
    We have lost a great man, but God has his good and faithful servant back in his presence. I pray for your family and my heart aches for his physical death, but I also rejoice wtih the angels of heaven, as I can hear them singing at his return. I know his life on earth has taught many people of the gospel and his mission was well served.
    “The righteous who have died shall rise again to dwell in everlasting burnings in immortal glory, not to sorrow, suffer, or die anymore, but they shall be heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ”.- Joseph Smith
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family,
    Jill Martin (Co-worker and friend)

  17. theresa glassman Says:

    TC will be greatly missed. God bless your family, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  18. Ray Landry Says:

    I am at a loss for words rite now.. TC was an amazing man, who I am happy to of spent so much time with. TC and I had a great friend ship and he was a positive influence in my life and many others. While this world mourns its loss I know with certainty that our Heavenly Father and his Angels are rejoicing in his home coming. TC was prepared and ready for this day as he had told me just 1 week before the accident. My heart goes out to the whole Rogers family and all that ever knew this great man.
    I love you all,
    Ray Landry

  19. David and Robin Says:

    We wanted to express our deepest sorrow for your family at this difficult time.
    TC touched so many lives in so many different ways. He always had that
    great smile for everyone he met.
    You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers in hope that you will have peace and comfort in the days and weeks ahead.

    The Haymore Family

  20. sarah terry Says:

    As I sit here and think about all the memories our family has had with you all, I start to laugh. TC made and still is making a huge impact on so many people daily. I know that he is in Heaven doing the mission that he has always wanted to go on. Having sch a great love and bond with our family helps is one of the best things I could ask for. TC is an amazing kid and I know that when we are going through these tough times, he will be here to help us, altough we can’t see him. I love you all.

  21. Lisa McIntyre Says:

    Please know of our love for you and your family. We loved TC he was a great example to us all. He has moved on to a new mission!! He will be missed by us all!!

  22. Vicki Snyder Says:

    To the Rogers Family,

    My deepest sympathy and condolenscences go out to all of you. Your deep belief in your faith and religion will always be there to support and guide your family through this very difficult time. Please let me know if there is anything that my family and I can do for you. My prayers will be with you.


  23. leslee wilburn Says:

    my heart goes out to all of you…you will be in my thoughts and prayers continuously…
    leslee(green valley ranch co-worker)

  24. Todd Leany Says:

    Our family took the opportunity to sit around and tell stories about TC tonight. Amidst the laughter of the funny moments we remembered and the tears of our sadness in his passing one thing is for sure – he touched our lives and we are better for having known him. He is a valiant spirt, a noble and great one. He touched countless lives. Imagine his experience as he partakes in his reunion with God.

    Alma 40:11-12

    Goodbye TC. We look forward to seeing you in the kingdom of our Father.

    The Leany Family

  25. Laura (Grizzle) Zemp Says:

    Cliff, Becky, Allan, Lincoln, & Kelsey,
    Our deepest condolences at this time of loss. Thank you for allowing so many of us this opportunity to share, laugh, and now mourn with you. Like many others I have checked a few times every day for updates and have been so touched by your faith and the expressions of faith of so many others. TC truly grew into a remarkable man, and his life has touched so many here. Now he has gone on to his work on the other side.
    This scripture came to mind and so I’m sharing – a great seminary teacher taught me to replace names in the scriptures with my own – as I thought of this scripture I replaced TC for Zion and the truth of the plan of salvation was immediately reaffirmed to me.
    Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God. (D&C 101:16)
    Love, The Zemps

  26. Jessica Miles Says:

    To The Rogers Family,

    I am deeply saddened to learn of T.C’s passing and my heart aches for all that know and love him. I remember one day at work I asked him about the Mormon faith, he looked me right in the eyes and said “If you really want to know I can have someone at your house in an hour.” I was so touched by the faith of this young man, I knew then that he was a true servant of The Lord. But that was just T.C., always ready to help.

    May you find strength and peace in knowing that he is with our Lord and that his time here, although too short, was a blessing for all those who had the honor of meeting him. In time to come you will find that he touched more people than you could imagine. May that bring you peace and pride at this unimaginable time. T.C.’s contagious smile will live on in my heart.

    With love and blessings,
    Jessica Miles (Red Rock Spa)

  27. Jangard Family Says:

    We are so thankful our family had the opportunity to get to know TC. He was a great example of someone who always gave 100 percent in fulfilling his Church responsibilities, and made everyone feel welcome. He reached out and touched the lives of so many in the singles ward, including our children who will always remember him. TC’s life is also great example of how you can overcome the hurdles and obstacles of life, rely upon the Savior and come out stronger. Truly an inspiration and example to follow.

    TC and family, we love you.

    Jangard Family

  28. The Sundell Family Says:

    Cliff and Becky and family,

    I did not know TC very well but just from reading all of the comments and updates, we know he was a great person. I have enjoyed reading the stories about TC. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
    Until we meet him again,

    Abby Sundell

  29. Keahi and Eric Scholer Says:

    Our hearts were saddened as we just got the call from our daughter Kiana. However, as I think about TC I believe these pass few weeks have been a blessing. It turns out to have been a time to reflect on this good man’s life and to prepare for his possible return to our Father in Heaven. A kind of buffering, so to speak, as it will definitely be hard to resume life as it was without him. We send our love and prayers to your wonderful family and thank you for sharing this experience with us and sharing your great faith in Jesus Christ which has strengthened our own testimonies.

  30. David & Denise Panter Says:

    We are so sorry to hear of you loss. We mourn with you and your family. We loved reading the great stories of TC from friends and family. From reading these stories we can tell how much TC loved the gospel and the people that he met. What a great spirit he has. May you be blessed with comfort and peace.

    We love you guys,

    Panter Family

  31. The Sundell Family Says:

    Cliff, Becky and family,
    Kris and I were saddened to hear of TC’s passing. We have been following his story since hearing about it. Your family has been in our prayers. May the Lord continue to give your family peace and courage to make it through the next few days and into the following years. We are so sorry for your loss. Kris and Nancy Sundell

  32. Jeremy Petersen Says:

    My heart goes out to you and your family.

  33. janelle ozawa Says:

    We love you all so very much. How blessed we all are to know TC and to have been able to watch him grow. His bright spirit and warm heart are why we smile when we think of him. We are so sad to have to be with out him in our presence for awhile. Just imagine his progress now. We are praying for you constantly. Our hearts are tender as we think of you.
    All our Love,
    The Ozawas

  34. King Family Says:

    We are so sorry to hear of TC’s passing while we were on our way home from Arizona tonight. Our hearts go out to you and your family, and we pray that the spirit may continue to surround you with his love and peace. He was a great young man with such a great talent to love and influence others. I’m sure he’s continuing on with the Lord’s work that he loved so much. We love you all! Bruce and Lisa King and kids

  35. Cassie & Barry Says:

    I feel overwhelmingly blest to have been able to touch and talk to TC last night and visit with you all.

  36. Kelley Dockery Says:

    Dear Rogers Family & Friends,

    I worked w/ TC for a little over 2 years at the JW MARRIOTT & have prayed for him ever since this tragic accident happened. I truly struggle w/ find the right comforting words to say. I am sincerely sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to your family & friends.

    Kelley Dockery (JW MARRIOTT)

  37. Heather Bell Says:

    I can see how loved TC is by how many people have replied and checked on this website. What a blessing to know you raised a son who lived a wonderful life and had an impact on so many people. You should be so proud of the man he has become. The changes he has made in his life over the past few years have shown what a Christ centered person he has become. I am sure he was welcomed with open arms by Heavenly Father as well as the rest of our family who has passed on. One good thing that has come out of this hard time is how TC has taught us about the atonement and how to rely upon our Savior during hard times. We love him and and love all of you.

  38. Tarin (Haymore) Christensen Says:

    TC had that special way of making everyone feel loved, and always feeling happier after spending time with him. That is why I am able to smile just thinking about him. I can’t think of a better legacy to leave than that of kindness.

    May your hearts be comforted and continue to feel peace.

    Love, Tarin

  39. Shauna Oblad Says:

    I just returned from Utah to hear the news about TC. I loved that great guy and was always warmed by his presence. I will never forget his talk in Stake Conference in which he expressed that he knew he would be able to serve a mission in some way some day. I know that Father in Heaven has great plans for him. John and I will continue to keep your family in our prayers.

    May you feel the love of all who know you and your family as well as the warm confort and peace of our Heavenly Father and our loving Savior.

    Love, Shauna and John Oblad

  40. Nancy Ball Says:

    Some of us from the singles ward were able to get together tonight and share some memories of TC, and how much we loved our associations with him. Just as some were leaving to go home, we received word of TC’s passing. I, like so many others have stated, also know that he was a great person, and that he will help 110% in other work now. Until we meet again, TC. The Lord loves you. My prayers are with you and your family.

  41. Angela Jacobsen Says:

    Rogers Family,

    No words can express the feelings that you may be going through right now but just remember that our Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us even if we don’t agree or understand it at the time. How wonderful for him to have all his work done already and return home. We mourn because we will miss him but he is smiling down on us not wanting us to mourn but to live righteously and do all we can to serve others so we too can return home. My heart goes out to you all at this time and we will be thinking of you through this difficult time. We love you TC!
    – Angela Jacobsen

  42. Kathy Mitchell Says:

    I know the Spirit will envelop your family as it did ours. My heart aches for you but I know of the truth of the resurrection and now it is just a waiting game. Our love goes out to you all……Love, Kathy Mitchell and family

  43. Tracy Allison Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of TC. He brought such light to this world and his faith touched so many people. I feel truly blessed to have the memories that I do of TC and I will cherish him and the spirit he had for life always. You are an amazing family and I admire the strength and love you shared with all of us during this difficult time. With deepest sympathy and love.

    Thank you TC for all you taught me, love you buddy.
    Tracy Allison (Green Vallely Ranch)

  44. Kenneth & Rebbie Tuttle Says:

    We both knew TC from JW Marriott. We worked with him there. We just heard about his passing and would like to send our regards to his family. Although we were not extremely close to TC, our thoughts are with his family through this hard time, and the great experience of knowing him will remain always in our hearts.

    The Tuttles

  45. Leigh Ann Hinote Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,

    We are all blessed to know you and your wonderful family. Your strength and courage has lifted those around you. Know that TC has touched so many lives that his legacy will live on for years and years to come.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord continue to provide you with comfort and peace.

    Jim and Leigh Ann Hinote

  46. Cindy Mortensen Says:

    Our hearts ache for your family with the passing of TC. We are so sorry and pray that you can find peace and comfort through knowledge of the great Plan of Salvation we have been blessed with. TC will be greatly missed but never forgotten.
    Love, Cindy & David Mortensen

  47. Jon Losey Says:

    There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said, but you will be missed TC.

  48. Milford Family Says:

    Becky, Cliff and Family,
    Mark and I have been remembering all the many years of scouting fun in our home with TC and so many others. What a valiant young man TC is and how much love and happiness he brought to so many others. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time. Thank you for sharing your special son with us.
    The Milford Family

  49. John & Stephanie Steffen Says:

    We’ve known TC for many years. We loved him like we would a member of our own family. Like all the Rogers family, TC was full of fun, full of faith, and full of love. We all hope that when it’s our time to pass that we have our lives in order — and TC’s life was in order. Throughout this entire experience we’ve all gained our strength from Cliff and Becky. This is a remarkable family in every sense of the word.


    The Steffen family

  50. Erica Bingham Wyatt Says:

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts and stories of this young man at this time of pain and mourning. I know many people like I have been touched by these experiences, and have brought new thoughts and feelings to my mind and heart. I too was able to hear TC speak at my dad’s stake conference, and he strengthened my testimony that night, and made me want to be a better person. I know the things that have been taught and shared by your family these past few weeks have changed people’s lives. Thank you for your example and testimony of our Savior and his plan. TC would be so happy to see the impact this has had, and will continue to have on so many people. Erica Bingham Wyatt

  51. Maythe Ramirez Says:

    You will always be a great person. Nobody will every take away that from any of us who knew you. I will not miss you, I will always remember you. Just because I did not keep in touch does not mean that I did not remember. It just so happened that out of pure coincidence or perhaps reasons I cannot explain in the secular world, that I saw you on Friday afternoon. I spoke with your parents and they sure are wonderful people. I am glad that I was able to see you. I am glad that I was able to see your parents with such tranquil eyes. I left the hospital on Friday with a smile on my face because I had met your parents and that I was able to see you. I will see you in dreams and at a later time. All I can say is thank you for letting me know you.


  52. ashley childers Says:

    Through every entry on this website I have seen real strength and love from T.C.’s family and close friends. He had quite an influence on me and I have learned a great lesson from this unfortunate event. That is to live day as if it’s your last. My blessings and prayers go out to the Rogers family. T.C. you will be missed man.
    <3ashley (gvr co-worker)

  53. ashley childers Says:

    Through every entry on this website I have seen real strength and love from T.C.’s family and close friends. He had quite an influence on me and I have learned a great lesson from this unfortunate event. That is to live each day as if it’s your last. My blessings and prayers go out to the Rogers family. T.C. you will be missed man.
    <3ashley (gvr co-worker)

  54. The Tidwell Family: Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,
    Our deepest sympathy to your family.We are so saddened to hear of TC’s passing. It was you, Cliff & Becky, that taught me (Susan)the Plan of Salvation at Temple prep. nearly 20 years ago. I remember Cliff talking about Sunday dinners with the whole family…
    We pray that your testimony of that great Plan and the Lord will gently carry you and comfort you until you gather for that marvelous Sunday dinner.

  55. Jeff and Lora Says:

    We love you guys so much. We can’t even put into words how we feel right now. We were thinking about Tyler awaiting his arrival, and the possibility that he knew T.C. was coming before any of us did. I keep getting teary eyed from the thought of how cute T.C. was to us on our girls trip. He is such a thoughtful and sincere person. We will miss him very much. We want you to know that we think you are truly incredible parents. Your love and devotion showed so much when Sandra and I were there only a few days. Know that we are here for you, and that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  56. Lisa Ruiz (Rodriguez) Says:

    The Rogers Family,
    I was blessed to work with TC at the JW Marriott. My words cannot measure the sorrow I feel. My heart and prayers are with your family. Since I heard of TC’s accident, daily I’ve reflected on my memories with TC. To say he was a great man, is putting it lightly. TC’s love for his faith and his family were untouchable. His way of making me laugh when I didn’t think I had it left inside of me and his joking are how I’ll always remember TC. I have many wonderful memories of him even his singing Karoke! Cliff I met you a couple of years ago when TC volunteered you and your friend to help me move from one apartment to another (on Cheyenne & 215). The bond that I witnessed between you and TC is one I will never forget. Your family is truly amazing and that was reflected in TC!

    All my love and prayers for your family,

  57. Betty Pacheco Says:

    To the Rogers Family,

    I am very sad to hear the news of T.C. I will miss him greatly. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with him at Red Rock. I loved that he was always willing to help. He was always happy and smiling. My deepest prayers and thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.
    The Studio
    Stations Casino

  58. Michael Christenson Says:

    Words fail, but they’re all I have to express my condolences to those who knew TC far longer and loved him even deeper. TC was to me a dear friend, a kind and gracious host, a faithful home-teaching companion, and an enthusiastic cheerleader. The last eight months, since moving into his house, have been some of the happiest of my life. And I know I only got to see the “tip of the iceberg” of his goodness.

    News of his death reached the little party we were having in his honor at the Kennedys’ only minutes after we’d watched the footage of his brilliant performance as “Sebastian the crab” in the road show last year. Good times.

    I am grateful to have known him. I am grateful for an inspired stake president who felt moved to issue a pre-mission temple recommend in his last days.

    “Thou shalt live together in love, insomuch that thou shalt weep for the loss of them that die. … And it shall come to pass that those that die in me shall not taste of death, for it shall be sweet unto them.” (D&C 42:45-46)

  59. John and Tracy Green Says:

    Dear Becky, Cliff and Family,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We want to thank you for sharing your stories of TC, for sharing your feelings during this time, and most importantly for sharing your faith in God. There is a song by singer/songwriter Jewel that says “In the end, only kindness matters”…while we never met TC, it is clear through all these stories that TC shared his faith in God with many here on Earth and was a witness through his many many acts of kindness towards others. We know you find comfort in family and friends- know that you have many. I plan on honoring TC by doing an act of kindness today to a complete stranger- TC inspired me even though we never met. Sending you much love John and Tracy Green

  60. Holly Engand & Jon Bancroft Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,

    Words cannot adequately describe how deeply TC will be missed. The Redeemer and Savior of the world left an empty tomb. How comforting and reassuring the Atonement is…especially at such a difficult time as this. We pray that the feelings of peace and comfort and strength beyond your own will abide with you and your family during this difficult time.

    Much love,

    Holly & Jon

  61. Felicia Goins Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,

    I worked with T.C at red rock and from the first interaction we have been good friends. T.C. was the type of person all he wanted to do was help, help anyone with anything. I’ve been listening to his last voicemail and email for about an hour now, an I can’t believe such a wonderful spirit is gone. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers YOU truly had /have an angel that made the world a better place the short time he graced our lifes. Everytime we were together we were laughing, playing practical jokes on each other, just having a great time. I will truly miss the gift from God. Young or old we could all learn from Mr. T.C. Rogers! I truly lost one of the only friends I had Las Vegas! T.C I loved you soooooooo! Thank you for being my friend!

  62. David Bert Says:

    Although he arrived much too early, I suspect TC is where he ultimately wanted to be. So, it is his family, immediate and extended, for whom I weep.

    The world will be a lesser place for his leaving.

  63. Horito Family Says:

    Just know that we love you!

  64. Ross Roberts Says:

    My name is Ross Roberts and I worked with TC at Green Valley Ranch Spa/Salon. TC and I always had diverse opinions and everyone knows that I always respected him and he always showed me the same. I always saw TC as a perfectionist someone that I looked up to as a business professional. I always respected TC and thought of him in high regard with someone with a high moral value and plain and simply fun, and good person. He showed me how to be a leader and how to be a better person. He loved his job and was highly dedicated to his title. He will always be someone I look up too as I observed TC on how to lead a department to total perfection. He would always talk about these absurd things that we would just stare at him and laugh. Those days will be missed but I know he would want us all to live life to the fullest and be strong for him. I will always remember all the conversations we had and the advice he gave me to succeed in business and life. He was the type of person that had such a huge heart and would help you over-come any obstacle in your way. I know he will be watching all of us at Green Valley Ranch and probably be laughing at us like “What are you guys doing! NO!” haha…… Most of all he will be watching down on all of his family and friends guiding them to the right path in life and make sure everything is going great for all them. My heart goes out to his family and friends and most of all my heart goes out to my strongest manager I ever had Taylor Clifford Rogers. RIP buddy you are in a better place with the big guy watching down on all of us. You will always be remembered, respected, and loved by everyone that knew you.

  65. Nicole Cave Says:

    I hate this kind of news. I know God has a plan for all of us though. I also know that the gospel provides so much comfort and answers when we go through trials. I know TC is experiencing things right now that we all will if we live righteously…he is in a good place. As a mother, I am sure the heartache of simply missing him never goes away, but the knowledge of the gospel allows peace. I am so sorry for your loss. Through this blog and all of the comments and stories it is plain to see that he was loved and is still loved by many.

  66. Tatom Family Says:

    Rogers Family,
    We are so glad that we were able to know TC. He was an amazing person and had such an impact on our sons’ lives. Our prayers are with you.
    -Tatom Family

  67. Hilsabeck Family Says:

    Rogers Family,
    We are so sorry for your loss! Leah called us with the news while the older siblings were at Cristopher’s house. All of us : Rachael & husband Shane, Cristopher & fiance’ Shayla, Michael, Daniel and a few close friends of TC, Chucky, & Matt had been sitting around the table playing games. When Cristopher told us it was apparent how much TC touched each of our lives as the room went very quiet, and we all just said how much we would miss him. Everyone was extremely introspective, and we spent quite some time in silence for him. It amazing how much we all loved him!! I know my parents were deeply saddened by your loss, and as a family we all wish you the peace and comfort that the Savior can give. I know TC made such an impact on all of us who have ever been lucky enough to know him!!! Till we all see him again! We love you TC, and we love you guys, Cliff, Becky, Allan, Lincoln, and Kelsey…
    Love the Hilsabeck’s

  68. Jamie Land Says:

    I worked with TC at The JW Marriott and he was nothing but a true gentleman and professional. I admired him since the first day I met him and I will never forget that smile. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers through this time in your life and he will always be remembered.

    Jamie Land (JW Marriott)

  69. Dawn Hayden Says:

    What love and comfort you must feel at this time, to hear warm, funny, loving stories. It has been such a treat watching your children grow and witness a small part of what your family shares with others. Many times on Sunday dinners at Pat’s, it was common to have many cousins for my girls to play and be teased with, you truly saw the 3 D’s and their friends blend into one! TC, as with all of your children are so kind and always, always willing to help me and my girls. We pray for you and love you and will always remember the life that he lead and thank you for allowing us to share this time with you.

  70. Sumer McPhee (Fuentes)and Mark McPhee Says:

    We are greatly saddened by the news of T.C.’s passing. He was a wonderfully kind young man. My husband and I knew him through Jonathon Fuentes, who is my brother. T.C. and “the crew” spent some time with us out on the lake a few years back , and everytime we were around him, it was like hanging out with my own brother. He will be truly missed. Our prayers are with you all. We know T.C. is with our heavenly father, in paradise.
    Love Sumer and Mark McPhee

  71. Alex Mohlman Says:

    I am incredibly sorry for these unfortunate events. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I hope I can help with anything I can. Cliff, if there is ANYTHING the deacons in our ward can do for you, just name it. I never knew TC…., but there have been many who did, 80 not knowing him,….. 100 people responded to the terrible news. Judging by the family, I could tell TC was a great kid. He has wonderful parents, and I know they will meet again as a family in Heaven. If he hasn’t told you, Bro. Hayden, the deacons, and his scout troop (blazers) will plant flowers in your yard Tuesday. Best of wishes…
    -Alex Mohlman (Weird Al)
    P.S. Bro. Melton told the ward about your expierience giving away Ensigns and Friends to people in the waiting room. It was a great missionary expierience…

  72. Josh and Lisa McIntyre Says:

    T.C. will remain in our hearts and prayers for a long time. What a wonderful young man to call your son. He was an amazing person here, and will do amazing things with the Lord at his side always. Our hearts are broken for your family but we all see the great strength that you have to move forward with faith. Heavenly Father is guiding you through this time.

  73. Naomi Spiewak Says:

    When I found out about TC’s passing I became very sad and felt a little lost, thinking what are we going to do with out him in our lives…Then I remembered that I had a dream about him the night before…I dreamed that he was going on his mission, and that we had a huge going away party for him…telling him that we were all so proud of him and that we will miss him. Then I kept on thinking about Cliff’s story, when he said that TC said “Its a Miracle”….TC is on his mission, and I know that he will be amazing just as he was when he was with us….I will miss him very much…but also I am happy that he finally got to go on his mission. My prayers are with the Rogers Family at this time, and if there is anything that I can do for you…Please let me know.


  74. Karin Logan Says:

    I heard about TC’s death from my daughter Jessica who worked for him about 5 years ago at the Marriott. She had always worked for her parents at Petland but decided she needed to get some work experience elsewhere at the age of 17. She worked at the Marriott with TC as a life guard and a receptionist in the spa. She said TC was the best boss! He told her he hired her because of her CTR ring. I had a nice chat with TC at Arzu’s beautiful baptism a few years ago. He told me over an over again how wonderful he thought my daughter was and I was impressed with his upbeat and enthusiastic personality. I also remember him telling me how proud he was of his brother Lincoln that he could serve a mission. Jessica asked me if I would attend the funeral as she was in Provo taking her nursing finals at BYU. Jessica is currently working in a hospital and is one of those wonderful compassionate nurses like those you have spoken of who cared for TC. She told me to just google his name for directions and sure enough I found this neat blog. How awsome is it to hear your optimism even in the midst of a very difficult time. I see where TC gets it. I noticed that the church was just minutes from the Petland we just opened on Decatur and decided I would attend the funeral before I went to work. How glad I am that I did. What a spiritual feast it was! Thank you for so lovingly sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation. This will be a journal entry of mine to always remember. TC is a great missionary. Jessi was hoping that I could meet you and tell you that she worked with him. I didn’t think I would be able to with all the people that were there. Yet on the way out to my car, there you were and I was glad I got to hug you and tell you. Thank you for your wonderful example and for raising a great son.

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