Recent Thoughts and Feelings from Cliff

For some reason I feel compelled to continue sharing the feelings and events Becky, myself and our family are currently feeling. The last couple of days have been harder than the days in the hospital. They are harder in an emotional and physical way. During the time sitting by TC’s bed, we would hope and imagined TC would survive and even return to us whole. It caused us to be strong. Now knowing that his death is real, reality has a loud presence. We are not disappointed with the results, just saddened. We realize that TC has other destinies than the ones we felt he should have had. Maybe we were being greedy, wanting to keep him for ourselves, as it is obvious that he has abilities to touch so many others.

Going through the physical arraignments of a funeral, bring us back to the worldly ways of man. Looking through pictures and videos of TC remind us quickly how special and unique he was. That causes us a sharper and more physical emotion that easily erupts in tears and even crying. I understand that to be a different phase of mourning, grieving. The most important part of this feeling is to be able to cause it to flee from our minds with the knowledge that this separation is only temporary. The separation of TC’s body and spirit is what we have now. The knowledge and beauty of the resurrection comes to play more strongly than ever, knowing that he will be reunited in spirit and body, along with us, in the future. Faith becomes knowledge, with desire and understanding. This understanding is felt in the heart; the knowledge is experienced deep in the soul, not the rational mind. One must learn these things with the spiritual minds and eyes.

With that in mind, these sad days are but a few, as we prepare the last few hours. Then, with the traditions of man completed, we will have the chance to contemplate the truths and reality of spiritual things and that sharp pain we feel at this time will be turned into peace and comfort again. Our hope and desires will be fulfilled, through the ultimate gift of the Saviors Atonement.



5 Responses to “Recent Thoughts and Feelings from Cliff”

  1. Lindsay (Mortensen) Bailey Says:

    Dear Rogers Family,

    As I read this sweet and sincere post I feel an overwhelming sense of understanding. We too, buried our sweet son this year. The way you described this feeling of grief, sadness, lonliness and other ranges of emotion is so accurate. How lucky we are to have the gospel and know for sure that we are eternal families. TC is a wonderful man, and you are a wonderful family. Your example is a positive influence in our lives. We have joy in the fact that TC is with our Savior and that he will bring many to understand the gospel. We love you guys and pray for you during this difficult time of mourning.

    With much love and sympathy,
    Jason and Lindsay (Mortensen) Bailey

  2. Diedra Chassereau Says:

    Hello Cliff, Becky, Allan, Lincoln and Kelsey,

    I am so glad you decided to continue your families feelings on how you are coping with TC’s passing. You have made us feel so close to your family with your daily writings and has brought comfort in reading them. TC was Bryan’s closest friend, and someone he really looked up to, as well as Scott and I. We considered TC as part of our family and now we consider all of you as well.

    I do understand how hard it is to give up seeing that special smile, or getting a warm hug or just even knowing he is around however, you are right, as peace and comfort will come soon with everlasting memories.

    Thanks again for sharing your feelings with us as you all are an amazing family who will get through this with love and faith. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    We will see you at TC’s celebration into his new afterlife.

    Hugs to all,
    Diedra, Scott and Bryan

  3. Makeli Scholer Says:

    Even with the knowledge of where he is now I can imagine the void created by him not being here has to be difficult to say the least. I haven’t experienced what you are experiencing but maybe someday I might. If I do I’ll be able to look back to your graceful and faithful way of dealing with the passing of TC. My wife and I continue to pray for your family.

  4. Joanne Chandler Says:

    I will be thinking about all of you on Friday, and Saturday, as I have been every day since hearing about TC. It is difficult for me to know that I am saying the right thing. That is why this blog is so important to me, because I can think for a moment before I say something, and hope that it shows how strongly I feel about your family. My family, especially Jake, has been touched by everyone in your family. He is a better person for knowing TC, Lincoln, Kelsey, Alan, Cliff, and Becky. TC’s story is not over but continues to have an impact on everyone who knew him, and many people who are learning about him through his friends and family.

  5. Karalee Says:

    You guys are so strong! May God continue to bless you and your family!

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