TC’s funeral

It was a wonderful day today.  The sun was bright, the sky was clear (since the wind had been clearing it out.)  Our extended family on both sides gathered in the small relief society room at the chapel to have a family prayer before the funeral.  I don’t think that we were missing anyone, so the room was full of Rogers and Laidlaws.  Grandpa Laidlaw said a wonderful prayer, and the funeral day started. 

Click here to see TC’s Funeral Program

I will never forget getting up in front of everyone at the pulpit.  The sight of an absolutely full meeting hall took my breath away for a moment.  The amont of caring in the room was palpable.  I was amazed by how calm I felt during my part of the talk.  I am so proud of the job my father and brother (it is still strange to use the singular form of brother) did speaking.  I was also extremely proud of TC.  His spirit was present during the day, and I know that he is happy.  When I saw the size of the crowd gathered for TC’s funeral, I couldn’t help but think that there was probably and equal number of souls who welcomed TC into the spirit world last Sunday. 

Our family is so thankful for all of the help we have received during the funeral.  We only had to show up and participate, all the logistics were taken care of.  Our family is so used to providing service for everyone, that I felt a little bit guilty letting others put the chairs away, and preparing the meals, etc.  It was so wonderful to receive the selfless service of others.  The service we received made us feel calm and loved throughout the day. 

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this special day.  I am sure that others in my family will be posting their thoughts soon.



6 Responses to “TC’s funeral”

  1. Leigh Ann Hinote Says:

    Rogers Family,

    The service was beautiful. The love for your family and TC filled the room and rose to the heavens. I was very touched by the words of the speakers and the beautiful music. I am sure that TC is very proud of all of the missionary work you all have done in his name.

    Jim and I pray for your continued peace and comfort in this difficult time.

    Jim and Leigh Ann Hinote

  2. Maythe Ramirez Says:

    Family of TC near and extended,

    Unfortunately, I have had to go to two other funerals last year for family members. Each one has touch me in there own special way. I would like to share my feelings towards TC’s funeral. The magnitude of the people that were there was overwhelming, but not surprising. TC cannot be summed up into words but having all those people there, sure does help out in what I’m trying to illustrate. It was really hard not to like the kid, really hard. I truly loved each individual talk, but more importantly I truly felt the serenity and calmness that was in the room.

    I would like to thank the Rogers family for all who knew TC to be a part of this journey through the blog and the stories and ultimately the funeral.

    Having such a wonderful family really helps keep faith and religion so close to the heart.


  3. Rebecca Says:

    I am very grateful that I was able to fly out from Maryland to attend TCs funeral. Listening to you guys tell stories about your childhood and growing up bears testimony for the importance of families. I am so proud to cound you all as my cousins. I miss our monthly family home evenings where we would run around in half-landscaped frontyards while the adults talked. The experiences you all shared made me appreciate every moment we have today, to take advantage of the loved ones that are so close to us at this time. Thank you!

  4. chris and Lisa Jensen Says:

    Dear Rogers family,
    I just want to let you know that was the very best funeral service I have ever attended. I think it was a beautiful tribute to an exceptional young man. I could not help thinking about the variety of friends and love ones that TC has enjoyed. I also believe that not many fulltime missionaries will have the opportunity to share the gospel as with those in attendence at this service. Then consider the challenge Cliff gave those in attendence to share the pamphlet to another if we already know the good news! T.C. made that unforgetable experience possible. He truly is a great missionary. Last night as a family we watched Meet Joe Black. While watching I could not help thinking of T.C. and smiling. Our family has been enriched from T.C. and will continue to remember him fondly. Sincerely, Lisa Jensen

  5. Heather Bell Says:

    Thanks for keeping this updated Allan and Cliff. It has been great for all of us to have some comfort and send some love to you guys. You all did such a great job yesterday. I know TC would have been so proud and totally psyched at how many people showed up.=) Please let us know if we can do anything for you anytime. Play or whatever. We love you all!

  6. Michael Christenson Says:

    It was a beautiful service. I’m surprised that you’re surprised at the turnout. TC touched so many lives for the better. And I suspect the welcoming crowd on the other side was, in fact, far greater. For as the Savior said, “joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance” (Luke 15:7).

    Most in attendance may not have noticed, but President Bingham indicated towards the end of your (Allan’s) talk that more chairs were needed. So Josh, Jaron, and I went on a desperate search for more (we’d set up darn near every chair in the building on Friday night, and were worried, based on the turnout for the viewing, that it still wouldn’t be enough). We ended up raiding some of the remaining chairs in the Relief Society room. I was pleased to note that the pulpit audio was being piped in–so if need be, we could have used the RS room as overflow.

    And even then, we’re told that there were still people standing in the back at the end of the services.

    Told you–Thomas and Mack. 🙂

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