Interpretation for “It’s a Miracle” from Cliff

It has been a few days since the funeral, and many thoughts and impressions are beginning to solidify into concrete memories. First most is the speed of the events. It seems as if April was just a few clicks of the clock, followed by the realization that the physical portion of this event is completed. Now the normal daily tasks need to resume, filling the spot of our temporary duty. No matter what we do, the echo of reality seems to reverberate. Keeping on task with the chores at hand is the therapy and beginning of the mental recovery of our emotions.

I have had the question asked more than once, “what do you think TC meant when he said, “it’s a miracle?” I have pondered this thought many times and every day reveals more. I thought it was a miracle when I stood up at the pulpit and viewed over 1200 people in the audience during the funeral. I thought what kind of person would attract this kind of attention? I think it was a miracle that so many people wanted to visit TC while he was in the hospital. There were several little miracles during the time of his stay in regards to people offering assistance of exactly what was needed, precisely when it was required. I think that is was miracles that the blog was available and so many of us were depending on it for information, comfort and hope. I think it was a miracle that a finer purpose of prayer was discovered by some, and hope that its experience will continue. There are many points to express and some that can’t be written, but the real miracle was the expression of love by all of us to each other. TC saw the results of a perfect love. He felt the unconditional love that is there for all of us. He glimpsed into the world that waits for us all and was able to speak the words that best described the vivid colors he saw, the feeling of love that engulfed him and the happiness and joy that beckoned him. He saw those that have preceded him and felt the remembrance of the eons. Most of all he confirmed the truths of the eternities, that they exist; and he was able to tell us in those simple words… “It’s a miracle,” the last words he spoke.

We want to thank all those who helped us, either physically, spiritually or temporally. So much was given; we are just overwhelmed and humbled. We are so glad that we could share our son with so many, and we cherish the time we had with him and look forward to the forever that is promised.



7 Responses to “Interpretation for “It’s a Miracle” from Cliff”

  1. Laurie Rogers Says:

    To my family:

    I cannot imagine what I did right in Heaven to be able to say my last name is Rogers. I am so blessed that I am a part of your beautiful family. Not because my children will be endowed with the “Superior Rogers Genes”, but because I get to witness the love you all have for each other, even in tough times. You make me realize that these are not tough times, because we know what is to come. These times are harder than most, but we know where our loved ones are at, that have passed on, and that we’ll see them again one day. We know what it meant when TC said “It’s a miracle.”

    I am eternally greatful that I was able to be folded into this family and given such amazing examples of love, selflessness, being steadfast, and faithful. I love that you pointed out that even though we all prayed and fasted and did our parts of showing love and faith, that sometimes Gods plans are bigger. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t mean anything. All of that outside love made us all calmer and faithful, and that is what was needed.

    Thank you again for having me, and I love you all so much.

  2. michelle cole Says:

    I’m interested in TC’s last words. Did he wake the last day to speak and have conversation with you before he passed? Could you share more?

  3. Heather Bell Says:

    It’s so strange, I check the blog every few days. It’s been so great to bring us all together. I am so happy that you have found such comfort in TC’s last words. And what a blessing that his last words were such a testimony to all of us. We are thinking of your family often and love you all. We hope we can do more to help.

  4. sarah terry Says:

    On Sunday in sacrament, a return missionary gave his homecoming talk. It was a good talk. He talked about miracles. Still feeling the spirit of TC’s funeral the day before, I began to think about TC’s life again and thought of how much of a miracle he still is today. He brings such a spirit into my life and everyday as I look at his funeral program I say “Help me to be a miracle.” I know he is watching us everyday and doing a wonderful job on his heavenly mission.

  5. karyn Says:

    I stumped across this page because I followed a friends links on her blog- other than me, Ashley is the only one listed on her blog.) Anyways, tears filled my eyes as I read the whole story. I wish I found it soonder so I could have prayed with you.

    TC was 100% right with “It’s a miracle.” In ways he may not have even known when he said that.

    It’s a miracle Heavenly Father made it so Families can be together forever.
    It’s a miracle he was your brother, son, cousin, grandson, friend, etc.
    It’s a miracle that he got to go to heaven first and prepare the way.
    It’s a miracle he’ll be on the otherside waiting to help you over when it’s your time.
    It’s a miracle in so many ways.

    I will still pray for your family. I pray that you get and recieve all the comfort you need for the rest of your mortal lives.

    God bless.

  6. Undeceivably Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Undeceivably.

  7. Lisa Anderson Says:

    To whomever still checks this sweet blog:
    TC always knew what to say to bring comfort to the heart and smile to the face. He has always been and will continue to be such a great example to us all.

    Happy Birthday TC! I just found out about the accident and everything. I miss you! You are a great friend and are missed by all that knew you. You are the miracle. I knew you from high school and we lost touch. I am so sorry I moved away and did not know about this whole thing. You are by far in a better place! Good bye dear friend. -Lisa (Guymon) Anderson

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