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Interpretation for “It’s a Miracle” from Cliff

April 21, 2008

It has been a few days since the funeral, and many thoughts and impressions are beginning to solidify into concrete memories. First most is the speed of the events. It seems as if April was just a few clicks of the clock, followed by the realization that the physical portion of this event is completed. Now the normal daily tasks need to resume, filling the spot of our temporary duty. No matter what we do, the echo of reality seems to reverberate. Keeping on task with the chores at hand is the therapy and beginning of the mental recovery of our emotions.

I have had the question asked more than once, “what do you think TC meant when he said, “it’s a miracle?” I have pondered this thought many times and every day reveals more. I thought it was a miracle when I stood up at the pulpit and viewed over 1200 people in the audience during the funeral. I thought what kind of person would attract this kind of attention? I think it was a miracle that so many people wanted to visit TC while he was in the hospital. There were several little miracles during the time of his stay in regards to people offering assistance of exactly what was needed, precisely when it was required. I think that is was miracles that the blog was available and so many of us were depending on it for information, comfort and hope. I think it was a miracle that a finer purpose of prayer was discovered by some, and hope that its experience will continue. There are many points to express and some that can’t be written, but the real miracle was the expression of love by all of us to each other. TC saw the results of a perfect love. He felt the unconditional love that is there for all of us. He glimpsed into the world that waits for us all and was able to speak the words that best described the vivid colors he saw, the feeling of love that engulfed him and the happiness and joy that beckoned him. He saw those that have preceded him and felt the remembrance of the eons. Most of all he confirmed the truths of the eternities, that they exist; and he was able to tell us in those simple words… “It’s a miracle,” the last words he spoke.

We want to thank all those who helped us, either physically, spiritually or temporally. So much was given; we are just overwhelmed and humbled. We are so glad that we could share our son with so many, and we cherish the time we had with him and look forward to the forever that is promised.



TC Funeral – Full Audio File

April 20, 2008

Click the play button below to listen to TC’s full funeral.  I will be cutting up the file to the individual talks later.

or click here to download.

A special thanks to John T Brown for making such a high quality recording for our family archives. 

TC’s funeral

April 19, 2008

It was a wonderful day today.  The sun was bright, the sky was clear (since the wind had been clearing it out.)  Our extended family on both sides gathered in the small relief society room at the chapel to have a family prayer before the funeral.  I don’t think that we were missing anyone, so the room was full of Rogers and Laidlaws.  Grandpa Laidlaw said a wonderful prayer, and the funeral day started. 

Click here to see TC’s Funeral Program

I will never forget getting up in front of everyone at the pulpit.  The sight of an absolutely full meeting hall took my breath away for a moment.  The amont of caring in the room was palpable.  I was amazed by how calm I felt during my part of the talk.  I am so proud of the job my father and brother (it is still strange to use the singular form of brother) did speaking.  I was also extremely proud of TC.  His spirit was present during the day, and I know that he is happy.  When I saw the size of the crowd gathered for TC’s funeral, I couldn’t help but think that there was probably and equal number of souls who welcomed TC into the spirit world last Sunday. 

Our family is so thankful for all of the help we have received during the funeral.  We only had to show up and participate, all the logistics were taken care of.  Our family is so used to providing service for everyone, that I felt a little bit guilty letting others put the chairs away, and preparing the meals, etc.  It was so wonderful to receive the selfless service of others.  The service we received made us feel calm and loved throughout the day. 

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this special day.  I am sure that others in my family will be posting their thoughts soon.


TC’s Obituary

April 16, 2008

TC’s obituary is in the paper. Joyce Haldeman helped write it. She did a wondrous job. It is difficult to summarize a life in a paragraph, but aunt Joyce did it beautifully. Thank you!

Recent Thoughts and Feelings from Cliff

April 16, 2008

For some reason I feel compelled to continue sharing the feelings and events Becky, myself and our family are currently feeling. The last couple of days have been harder than the days in the hospital. They are harder in an emotional and physical way. During the time sitting by TC’s bed, we would hope and imagined TC would survive and even return to us whole. It caused us to be strong. Now knowing that his death is real, reality has a loud presence. We are not disappointed with the results, just saddened. We realize that TC has other destinies than the ones we felt he should have had. Maybe we were being greedy, wanting to keep him for ourselves, as it is obvious that he has abilities to touch so many others.

Going through the physical arraignments of a funeral, bring us back to the worldly ways of man. Looking through pictures and videos of TC remind us quickly how special and unique he was. That causes us a sharper and more physical emotion that easily erupts in tears and even crying. I understand that to be a different phase of mourning, grieving. The most important part of this feeling is to be able to cause it to flee from our minds with the knowledge that this separation is only temporary. The separation of TC’s body and spirit is what we have now. The knowledge and beauty of the resurrection comes to play more strongly than ever, knowing that he will be reunited in spirit and body, along with us, in the future. Faith becomes knowledge, with desire and understanding. This understanding is felt in the heart; the knowledge is experienced deep in the soul, not the rational mind. One must learn these things with the spiritual minds and eyes.

With that in mind, these sad days are but a few, as we prepare the last few hours. Then, with the traditions of man completed, we will have the chance to contemplate the truths and reality of spiritual things and that sharp pain we feel at this time will be turned into peace and comfort again. Our hope and desires will be fulfilled, through the ultimate gift of the Saviors Atonement.


Funeral Information

April 15, 2008

We will be having a viewing (closed casket) and a funeral for TC.



We look forward to seeing all those who wish to attend.

We have enjoyed all of the pictures and stories that have been sent in of TC. Since his passing, these stories and pictures have taken on even more importance. We are trying to compile even more pictures and stories of TC in preparation for his funeral. Please continue to send anything you have, no matter how short, long, plain, or profound to

We appreciate all of the support and love we have been shown during TC’s final weeks with us. We are overjoyed that TC lived his life so well, and is in such a good place now. We just miss him so much.

Preliminary Funeral Information

April 14, 2008

We plan to have TC’s funeral service on Saturday, April 19th. The location and exact time will be posted when available.

Note from Cliff

April 13, 2008

TC has finally received his mission call. TC Rogers will be serving his mission in the Paradise state of the Spirit World. He will be proselyting with those individuals that have never received the knowledge of Jesus Christ while on Earth. He will be serving with other family members who have preceded him. He will be busy serving and organizing for an undisclosed amount of time. We will be planning his farewell in a few days. We hope you all can attend.

We adored our valiant son, and want all of our friends to know that there is continued progression of ones spirit, in a very joyful surrounding. One can make decisions regarding eternal progression, and TC will be involved in spreading and building the Kingdom of God.

TC was with his family until the very last moments. His passing was painless and TC had parents at his side. The nurses and doctors of UMC Trauma Intensive Care Unit are the most compassionate individuals we have come in contact with. We want to tell them thank you.

We will provide additional information as it becomes available.

Thank you for your love and concern


From the Book of Mormon, Alma, Chapter 40

11 Now, concerning the state of the soul between death and the resurrection-Behold, it has been made known unto me by an angel, that the spirits of all men, as soon as they are departed from this mortal body, yea, the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to that God who gave them life.
12 And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow.

TC has passed on

April 13, 2008

TC passed on Sunday, April 13, 2008 at around 7:30 pm.

We will be writing more.

Saturday April 13, late night report

April 13, 2008

We had a pleasant night with TC, His cousin Amy was in town and she was able to visit his bedside. His new night nurse John was introduced and we instantly recognized his compassionate care. He is from Hawaii.

TC still has a fever and it was brought down a bit. He is still in that cold cooling blanket. It was also discovered that he has a blot clot in his right arm. This could present a problem at any time. They are going to do a CAT scan early in the morning to determine additional information on his neck, and to see if his cranium mid-line shift and edema has changed any. This is my concern, this mid-line shift thing.

Since he has been taken off the pentobarbital, his body is starting to react on its own to some basic stimulus. He gags and attempts to cough slightly a few times an hour. It is nice to see him move. He has a twitch somewhere at times and has even partially opened his eyes. These were all results that we were told could happen, a natural effect of the coma inducing medication breaking down. These actions stimulate hope in all of us that see them.

Hope is such a strong aspect to man. Without hope man is lost; without hope the soul is empty. Hope is certainly tied to faith, as faith and hope are cousins in the spiritual realm of things. Then there is charity. Charity is extended to others as a result of hope and faith being exercised. “Wherefore, there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must also be hope; and if there must be hope there must also be charity.” These three attributes combined, give man joy, and make us feel secure and content, especially during times of trials, no matter what the out come. We have felt these qualities over and over the last few days. We thank you for sharing these intimate traits with our family.


Saturday morning April 12th.

April 12, 2008

TC is still here, he didn’t sneak out last night. His pressure is still in the low 30’s. They have disconnected the EEG, as they no longer need to monitor his brain activity because of the induced coma. It is wait and see time. As the pentobarbital metabolizes through out his body things can happen. Just what things and how much activity is the big question. This reminds me of cutting a deck of cards; you don’t know what you’ll get. (Or is it a box of chocolates?).

TC has a bulge or distention in his abdomen, so they will be taking him for a CAT scan of that area. It was explained to us that sometimes the medicines they introduce to him cause stomach and bowel concerns. They also have him under a cooling blanket to try to get his temperature down. For some reason this is what drives me crazy, knowing how he liked to be in his warm fuzzy white blanket.

TC looks so peaceful. His favorite CD is playing softly in the background. I listened to it in his car the third day after his accident and I was impressed that he was listening to such good music. I listened to a couple of songs and wondered if he burned a CD for himself, because of the diversity of the music. When I ejected the CD, I discovered it was a purchased CD of the movie soundtrack “Meet Joe Black.” I then started to remember what a good movie that was and as I recalled the plot of the movie, my emotions surfaced rather quickly. Right then Lincoln called and it was difficult to answer the question, “What are you doing Dad?”

I am impressed that there is a CD player in the room. We found out that all the rooms have them, a gift from DR. O. (Ozobia). He feels that it can help sooth and heal the patients of the Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Yet again; another unknown act of kindness here at UMC.


See the stories section for a contribution by Cliff that will make you question his parenting and decision making abilities

April 11th, Friday late afternoon update

April 11, 2008

Well… TC has been off the pentobarbital for almost 12 hours as I write this at 6:45pm. His ICP has risen to 39-40 and still has a fever. On the other hand his pneumonia has not come forth as feared. He does have a little fluid in his lungs but it has not developed into pneumonia. TC also had a very weak cough as Alex, the breathing guy, was doing his thing. A cough is good. That was the first time I saw his body move since the operations.

Becky, Kelsey and I escaped with Uncle Larry and Aunt Clair to Luv-its this afternoon, while TC was in for a CAT scan. It was fun to hear how Cousin Lindsey and her new born baby are doing. They scanned TC’s neck for the first time since the accident, to make sure there weren’t any fears there, and there weren’t.

The next few days will be edgy for us at best, as every little sign, symptom, beep and number can mean something. We have a new sense of hope, especially since we now have a Hope Jar. It is a wonderful feeling to feel all your support, thoughts, prayers and intentions. Thank you for everything.

I can’t believe it is Friday already. I now understand the time space theory; as we have been in a small space and time seems to fly. That’s what is it about… right?


Friday, April 11, 2008 Noon update:

April 11, 2008

Wow, what a beautiful morning… it would be a great day for a hike,

It was determined to discontinue the administration of the pentobarbital chemical that has induced the comma TC is in. As of 7:30 this morning he is no longer receiving this treatment. This is a milestone that we have been anticipating, for now we will find out how TC will react on his own, to the treatment the medical staff has designed. It will be a few more days until the products they have introduced into his system start to break down and dissipate from his body. There are many scenarios that are possible, and we must wait and see what happens. His ICP is currently in the 29-30 range.
Last night was a special night for us. TC’s brothers and sisters and our neighbor were able to quietly chat about a lot of things. For some reason we always end up on a spiritual note after circling the memories of fun. I guess that is because we all have a spiritual side, and our family and friends exercise that portion of our being regularly. Additionally, TC’s ecclesiastical leaders were here. What strength and joy they bring with them. TC has achieved all the goals he has set for himself. We are so proud of him.


April 11 am update

April 11, 2008

They pulled TC off of the coma inducing meds this morning.  As the powerful chemicals diminish, a million things could occur.  This may take many days.  Cliff is writing a more detailed synopsis that he will email off to me for posting this afternoon.

April 10th late afternoon

April 10, 2008

ICP up to 35, he has a fever. His grandmother Laidlaw came from St. George to see him. We were glad to see her. Aunt Sherry drove them down and spent the afternoon hours with him.
We hope to have conversation with the neuron-surgeon tomorrow. Becky and I are tired, more than usual.
Life is good.

Thu April 10th Mid Afternoon Update

April 10, 2008

Nothing at all has changed. All indicators are still the same.

Please continue to send your pictures and stories to

Also, don’t forget to check out the stories blog at We are getting lots of stories every day to put on. These stories and pictures are a big blessing to our family at this time.

Wednesday, April 9, late night update

April 10, 2008

We left him as the nurses just got finished cleaning him and changing all his bedding and dressings. He looked so good, calm and restful. They even comb the hair he has left. Becky and Kelsey were allowed to stay in the room as Alex, Melinda and Jenny went to work on him. They talked and laughed as they said they were giving TC a spa treatment. I am so grateful that they care for him in such a dignified way, with class and professionalism. They work as a team so well and enjoy each others differences. True examples of professionals.

TC is still hanging in the 33 – 35 range, rather high. The sodium solution brings his pressure down, and it slowly sneaks back up. He is a little swollen at the wrists and hands because of all the fluids that are needed to help the keep him hydrated as the sodium tries to dry him out. Quite a balancing act. I do say every once in a while, “this is brain surgery.”

Kelsey, Becky and I enjoyed some good moments tonight. We got a good laugh as I tried to convince them that we should attach all the EEG wires (that were removed from TC when he went to CAT scan) to our heads and then link them to TC’s head and hum when the nurses came in. We touched TC a little as we left; it felt far from his normal touch. Becky whispers something when she leaves every night.


Wednesday, April 9th Afternoon update:

April 9, 2008

TC made us a little nervous again; his pupils were dilated and fixed so they ran him next door for a CAT scan. The CAT scan showed no difference than the last one, and the thought is that the chemicals they are administering can be partially responsible for the symptom. Later after he was all tucked back in, his pupils did contract a bit and his ICP resumed the 33-35 range that it has been all day.

We have had two new nurses, Rocky and Melinda. They are just perfect. I can’t believe that all the nurses here are perfect but they appear to be. The night nurse Alex has the gentlest way; he is very good at what he doe as well. I am not kidding when I tell you that the nurses are good. I bet we would all have fun with them. I wonder what Tim is doing on his days off, and how Keith’s kid is doing.


Wednesday April 9th morning update

April 9, 2008

24-25, External facial swelling nearly gone, pneumonia continues- they can treat him for pneumonia more aggressively if the ICP was lower. TC looks like he should sit up and yawn, stretch and ask when are we eating?

Becky and I have decided to take the advice the nurses and others suggestions, that is to limit visitors. It is so hard for us, because we now know how many people TC has made feel so close to him. All of you feel closeness to him as a “special, close” friend and want to see him. I am finding out that he treats all his acquaintances, every one of them, as a special close friend. I don’t know how he does it. He should run for a political office.

We need to limit his in room visitors to family, and ecclesiastical leaders. This decision is for his health care. TC is very substitutable to many viruses and illnesses. He also needs complete silence and non-stimulation (at this time, there will be a time that he will need much stimulation). We need to give the caregivers physical room and more importantly their focus and concentration to do their jobs. We love TC’s nurses so much and want them to know all about his life and friends that sometimes I forget that they are on the clock. We need to be sensitive that this facility serves the whole community for trauma, and we need to share it, not over burden and take it over. We do need to be aware of others needs and assist as best we can.

We enjoy the comments on this blog and please share your stories of TC; they are so precious and important to us right now. We need you to continue praying for us. We need you to think of the way you feel about this tragedy, and then be more sympathetic to those around you who may be suffering from a tragedy and assist them in some way. We really feel your love and concern. Thank you for so much…in fact we want to thank a few people now.

We want to thank the people that brought us pillows. They are nice to sit on. We want to thank the people that brought us blankets; they keep this room cold for many reasons, all to help TC. We want to thank the people that brought us sandwiches the first days, they were and believe it or not, still good. We want to thank the people that gave us cookies and goodies; we shared them with the nurses. We want to thank the people that fixed my flat tire. We want to thank the people that stocked our refrigerator. They are very special people to us. We want to thank those people that watered the flowers. We want to thank the people that brought us reading material; it is a nice diversion at times. We want to thank the people that made us breakfast, those flat pancakes were delicious. A special thanks for the people that cleaned our house, (they didn’t even steal anything, and in fact they left some things behind). We want to thank those people that have helped Becky at her school; they have helped beyond explanation, and are so appreciated. We want to thank the people that have contributed to the blog; it is a new thing for us, and such a great thing. We thank everyone that has done anything. Lastly, I want to thank our families, especially our children. They are so precious and helpful. We have a greater understanding of love. Thanks to our brothers and sisters, for just “being there”. It is indescribable, the safety and comfort they provide. “Thanks”, all of you.

Cliff and Becky.

Singles Ward Fast

April 8, 2008

From Mindy Meacham

we want to do another ward fast starting tonight at six until tomorrow at six. we were wondering if somehow we can get the word out on the blog or facebook. we want everyone to know about it and participate. the more people the better!!

Tuesday Afternoon

April 8, 2008
Another challenge… and a little good news. TC’s ICP is down a little, down to 35 – 36, and he is developing pneumonia. The pneumonia  was expected and we were told this a few days ago. The challenge with this is that TC can’t cough and he can;t be turned too much on either of his sides, so it could be slow in reducing. Becky and I are feeling the effects of a late night and a very early morning, and we are enjoying a little lunch with Lincon, Cecilia and Kelsey.
I just want to let everyone kn ow how much we feel your love, support and understanding. When we are alone we seem to have a soft feeling. I really enjoy and love Becky in a all new way. It special time we share.
Thank you all for your comments, we really latch on to them and enjoy them from the heart.

Cliff – 3:00 PM

Neurosurgeon consultation

April 8, 2008

The neurosurgeon consulted with Mom and Dad last night about TC’s condition.  They are going to try to raise TC’s blood pressure even further.  This is probably the last thing that they can do for TC, medically speaking.  We are lucky that TC is so strong, as most people could not physically handle the high blood pressure the doctors are trying now.  We don’t know how long they will be trying what they are trying right now.  The doctors say that if TC was 40 or 50, they would have been backing off of the treatments a while ago.

I was talking to Kelsey last night, and I was discussing how surprised I am at how I have been feeling during this whole thing.  When I first got the call that TC was very serious, I was devastated.  I couldn’t control myself in front of my kids, who have never seen their father cry.  The next day I was feeling a little better, and I was able to attend the temple, which was a very special experience for me.  On day 3, I was optimistic.  Since then, I have felt such peace.  I have been feeling a little bit of guilt, since I have not been as emotional as I would have imagined I would, especially with the roller coaster of yesterday.  I had a conversation with Kelsey that went something like this.

Allan:  I thought I would be much more distraught with today’s news.  I feel guilty that I am not freaking out, or crying, or really even sad.

Kelsey:  I feel the same way, but do you think the way you are feeling is a coincidence?

My wise, faithful little sister pointed out something very important.  The calm and love that our family is feeling right now is thanks to all of you, and the love of our Savior.  There is no question in my mind that our strength is being propped up through external means.

Allan – 9:20 am

April 8 1:00am update:

April 8, 2008
TC has had a setback. His ICP readings jumped into the high 40’s around 7:00pm and have been fluctuating between 47 & 49 until we left at 1:00am. This is an incredible amount of pressure for a long period of time. A CAT scan was taken, revealing the edema has expanded. This is a fluid that gathers around the brain after head trauma. Even with the drastic measures taken, the swelling continues. Tomorrow morning the Neuro surgeon will consult with us regarding expectations.
Our hearts are filled with the feelings of gratitude as we reflect on the last few days.
Cliff & Becky

Monday Noon Update

April 7, 2008
Boy is the weather nice… this is why we live in Las Vegas.
TC had a filter installed in his veins near the groin area. This is to capture any blood clots that may be floating around and causing mischief. This was done first thing this morning and was successful. His ICP was back up to 28-30, and they were placing ice packs around him when we left. I hope he doesn’t remember them, because TC get cold easy. No actual updates from the medical staff other than encouraging words from his nurses. I imagine we will be having a consultation anytime now to determine the next steps.
On another note: Tim is our day nurse, very cool guy, very smart and helpful. As we have gotten to know him we have found out that he is single and has no time nor the network to find someone to date. Becky of course has lots of ideas but because of our circumstances, has not had time to act on them. Tim is 32, about 6’….. very in shape black hair and he reminds us of Joey on Freinds. He is rather humorous and very sincere. We like him alot and he is a good catch. (must be over 27) I’ll get a picture of him.
cliff – 3:26 pm

Sunday Evening Update

April 7, 2008
Sunday night, we left TC with a prayer. He was given a big push of chemical to attempt more brain swelling reduction. His ICP was between 20 -21. For some reason Kelsey. Becky and I were laughing alot, quietly of course, and i made Kelsey snort. The nurses here are so amazing. So professional, so efficient so carefully caring.
Becky looks so forward to reading this blog every night. It is a wonderful medium for our circumstances. It allows us to let everyone know with some what accuracy, (we find it amazing how both of seem to only here 50% of what is being said and then only understanding half of that… although we are getting better.) it also allows us to read others comments. This is Becky’s first blog experience, and for some reason she is drawn to it for solice. Please comment and contribute to it. It means so much to us. It is a way for us to gain strength.
Cliff Rogers – 9:15 am

Sunday Status

April 6, 2008
TC is pretty much the same. His intercranial pressure was between 28-29 during our morning visit. His pupils are contracting , not totally but they are moving. There was an additional concern last night as during his hourly checks his pupils were fixed, but then later they contracted.
The hosptal Chaplin came in and asked if she could say a prayer for TC, I asked her if she would like to join in our prayer as we usually have one prior to our leaving. She said we both can pray. She started and gave a very nice prayer. I then gave our prayer, and afterword she said that we were strong in the faith. I then gave her an Ensign, the one dedicated to Christ.
Cliff Rogers – 3:45 pm

Interesting Article about Intracranial Pressure

April 5, 2008

We keep bouncing these pressure numbers around, TC came in at a 50, he is now hovering at around 25.  Here is an explanation of what intracranial pressure is.

Post CAT scan

April 5, 2008

TC just got out of his CAT scan.  The doctors found nothing that would have caused the pupils to not dilate.  After getting out of the CAT scan, TC’s eyes are responding better.  I wish I knew what any of this means.

Saturday afternoon

April 5, 2008

TC is going in for a CAT scan because his pupils are dilated.  Not good.

“It’s a Miracle”

April 4, 2008

I thought that I would take a few minutes and type up some of the events of TC’s experience and to share a few thoughts and feelings from Becky and me. First of all, I am Cliff Rogers, TC’s dad and Becky is TC’s mom.

March 31, 2008:

Around 4:30 Ray Landry called our home and with an urgent voice he told me that TC was being attended by EMT’s and would be transported to UMC. He told me that they had been skateboarding and TC fell and was vomiting. Ray told me to meet them at UMC. I called Becky at her school and told her to meet me on the curb, as I was coming to get her. I told her what I knew. After entering the emergency room Ray called and told me that he was being unloaded at the NE corner of the facility, in the Trauma Center. We found our way there and met Ray, Jaron and the others that were with TC skateboarding. Lincoln, his younger brother showed up as well. The weather was perfect, a spring sunny day.

Becky and I were allowed to enter the triage area behind the locked, large automatic doors that separated the waiting room corridor from the organized confusion and trauma. TC was lying on a gurney, with a white sheet draped over his body; his hands were clasped over the sheet on his chest. We meet the trauma admitting physician Dr. Sheer who introduced us to Dr. Bigler who began to analyze his condition. Dr. Bigler told us that TC had suffered major head trauma, and has suffered a scull fracture. A neo-surgeon was coming. Dr. Bigler continued his exanimation, asking TC if he could do this and do that, of which he responded “yes”. TC had his eyes shut as he had been given medicines that caused him to be drowsy. Dr. Bigler asked him if he could open his eyes for him, and TC responded “yes”, but did not open them. The doctor then opened his eyes and shined a light into them and observed his pupils contracting.

The attending nurse was as sweet as could be. She was professional and caring, and had a motherly spirit about her. As Becky and I were becoming emotional from the reality of the situation, she was patient with us as we answered numerous questions, all positive as she checked them off her form. We commented to each other how healthy his is. As the doctor continued his constant talking and asking questions to TC, he turned and wrote a note; TC had been muttering and mumbling a few words and paused, then he said “It’s a miracle”. This is the last thing I heard him say. I told the nurse, with a broken voice that we needed to give TC a priesthood blessing. She knew what we needed and accommodated us. I went back out to the waiting area, Lincoln and several of TC’s Priesthood holder friends entered the area to assist in the Priesthood blessing. Lincoln anointed and I sealed the anointing and gave him a fathers blessing. When a blessing is given, sometimes the voice or the one who is speaking is prompted to say and offer inspired words. The one thing that came to my mind, that I remember was to tell TC that he has a mission to fulfill. What, when or where that is, I don’t know. I also remember blessing those that will be attending him, that they will remember their training and be inspired for TC’s care. They left the area and we were immediately introduced to Dr. Jason Garber, TC’s neuro-surgeon. With urgency in his voice, he directed to a computer screen which had images of a CAT scan they had just taken. He pointed out on the screen images and described how they should be in relation to what was there. He described that his brain was swelling from the impact, and needed room for expansion as soon as possible, to contain the possibility of the brain actually pressing in the spinal cord and causing death. When I heard the word “death,” it seemed as if the sound of the word hung in the air, resonating. Much of the following conversation was just words. The doctor explained that he would remove a sizable portion of his skull and store it away for future use. (Stored frozen in California) He then explained that he would install a shunt (drain) to allow the fluids a place to go. He also explained that they would install a “bolt” that would monitor the pressure actually in his brain. Immediately we were escorted the exit as TC took the first few feet of a long journey. We went back to the waiting room, were more of TC’s friends were standing in groups talking quietly. I relayed the words and procedures the doctor said to us. The room quieted down as we all realized this was a serious matter. In the following hours more and more people arrived and the events were relayed and repeated over and over. It is amazing that words can be spread so quickly with the furious fingers of the youth. My family reacted quickly and my brother Terry and Paul were here in a few minutes. It was a wonderful feeling to have your big brothers there, and feel their confidence. Paul is in the middle of tax season, and yet he broke away for several hours just to be involved and lead his support.

The neuro-surgeon came in after a few hours and told us the procedure went as planned and that we would be able to see him in a while. We really didn’t have ay questions for him as the shock of the reality of what was happening to our son was strong. In a few hours we were allowed to go see him. The weather is perfect, a spring sunny day.

The next morning, I dropped Becky off at the hospital as I had to attend to some business for a short while. Becky called me and told me that they were taking TC back into surgery because some blood clots had shown up on the morning CT scan. I remember the swelling of pain that eventually lead to the uncontrolled tears, I quickly returned to the hospital. Upon arrival I was surprised with the amount of people that were in the waiting room. I went back with Becky and we sat and watched TC for a long time. We are so thankful for him and all those who have shown their sympathy to us. Dr. Garber consulted with us, and basically in a few words he told us he was able to remove the clot and drain off the fluids. He told us that that this is a very serious matter, and that his scull fracture was from his lower left ear up and around near the other ear. We felt heaviness as the conversation sunk into reality. Later that evening, TC’s Stake Presidency and Bishop came to visit him. They all able to all come into his room where they gave him a blessing. The blessing from President Bingham was special. Jay and TC are close and the blessing he gave him was from the heart and from one friend to another. He did ask the Lord for a miracle.

Ray explained the accident to me as follows: They were long boarding down Dell Web towards Rampart like they have done several times. At the very end of the run they were heading towards the parked car. They were on a flat area pushing about the speed of a fast walk, when TC’s wheel caught a small rock or an edge of some sort and sent him flying over and into a rock landscape area. They all laughed at TC for the trip and waited for him to get up. When he didn’t Ray went to him and turned him over and he was snoring loudly. Shocked and wondering if this was a joke he knew it wasn’t when TC started to shudder and began vomiting. This was a fluke accident. I expected that we were going down to get stitches in TC’s head and would be home in a few hours. Now we have a new home that we spend with TC.

We really feel the results of the prayers and fasting on our behalf. I contribute the calmness and peacefulness that Becky and I feel because of our and your prayers. We do get emotional, and we do find ourselves imagining down dark allies of TC’s dilemma. We have learned that you can’t worry about things you imagine, or don’t know about, so we just take it day to day. We feel the Lords love through your prayers and fasting. We also have been focusing on what good can we make come from this event, especially for others.

I cannot explain how important the family support unit is or how grateful we are for our kind, loving church friends. We look forward to the continuation of this resource. In the future there will probably be lots of service TC will require, OR service he can do for others!

Thank you for your love and support.

Cliff and Becky.

PS: As I have a moment I wanted to let all know how impressive is caregivers are here at UMC TICU. I like the fact that Trauma Intensive Care Unit, TiCu has his name in it! The nurses that attend to his daily (and nightly) needs are amazing. These unsung heroes are always in the shadow of the all mighty people that have several letters after their names, not to take anything away from them, but the nurses are always involved. Their knowledge mixed with their compassion provides an ultimate combination of service. I am impressed with their dedication to their profession and the amount of education they have had just to take care of our son. We have learned about their families and their fun stories. We know that they are not supposed to get close to their patients, but when they start to hear about TC I think they take a little exception.

Go to to learn more about TC’s religious views.

Morning #4 update

April 4, 2008

Another CAT scan, and everything still looks the same.  TC’s cranial pressure is at around 24, which is OK.  We really need it to come down to about 17 to start waking him back up from his drug induced coma.  The family is silly thankful for all of the support we are getting.  The hospital staff is really thankful for all of the food contributions that Cliff and Becky can’t eat.


Bunch of new posts on TC Stories

April 4, 2008

Check out TC’s story blog at We have got some great pictures and stories up. Please continue to send stories and pictures to imagecontact.jpg. We love them all, and cherish them more than you could ever imagine. The stories you believe to be mundane are wondrous to us.

Morning #3 update

April 3, 2008

TC has had little change overnight. His cranial pressure is a bit higher today, at around 29. Apparently the important thing is the differential between the blood pressure in his brain, and that in his body. Because TC is so strong, they are able to raise the pressure in his body if the pressure in his head increases, which apparently is better for him. Frustrating to not understand all the medical stuff that is going on, but he is under amazing care.

There have been some rumors regarding TC being brought out of the coma, but it looks like nothing like that will be done until Monday or Tuesday (4-7) at the earliest. We are still deep in the woods, but hope is definitely on our side. If anyone in this world is stubborn enough to fight through this, it is TC.

Expect little to no news going into the weekend.


TC’s story blog

April 2, 2008

Go to to see TC’s stories.  There is also a link on the right hand side.  Please continue to contribute stories and pictures.

Decrease in pressure

April 2, 2008

TC’s pressure has been steadily decreasing. He came in at more than 50, and his measurements are now down in the mid-20s. As Cliff said, this is nothing to start setting off fireworks for. It is worth of a good high five. The morning C-Scan revealed that there is no more bleeding, and the brain seems to be in the correct place.

The atmosphere at the hospital has evolved in an interesting way. The first night, everyone seemed to be in shock. The second night, everyone (excluding Cliff and Becky) was sad. Today, everyone is hopeful.

Lots of people are still showing up in the waiting room. We are not letting people go in and visit tonight. Any stimulation increases brain activity, which can make the brain swell, so we are trying to limit TC’s exposure to stimulus.


Update from Ashley Wise

April 2, 2008

Ashley wise posted this on the facebook page.

Ashley Wise (Utah Valley State) wrote
at 11:24pm yesterday
i have possibly an update for everyone! my dad went to go see him today (he’s a doctor that works a lot at UMC) and he was saying that normally a person has brain pressure around 13-17 and when TC came in he was in the 50’s and today he was down to the 30’s… so thats a plus! he is also in a more intense drug induced coma than yesterday to help his brain from swelling (the less brain activity, the less swelling)! so hope this helps a little bit! i know that he has a great team and doctors working with him! i will keep you all informed from what my dad tells me … he’s going to go check everyday!

Morning #2

April 2, 2008

This morning, nothing has changed.  TC still has lots of pressure on his brain.  He is still in an induced coma.


Request for Pictures and Stories

April 2, 2008

During this ordeal, our family has felt so much love.  We have dozens of people asking what they can do for us.  During this difficult time, we would like to gather happy stories and memories of TC.  Please write your stories, and send your photos of TC to imagecontact.jpg

My biggest fear right now is that Sarah and Luke will not remember their favorite uncle.  A story two sentences long will be a comfort.  Please send whatever you can.

Afternoon / Evening #2

April 1, 2008

The second evening was better for TC.  His condition had not changed, but he was able to take visitors.  Again, the crowd who came were overwhelming.  Many of TC’s friends from High School, the ward, and his family came to visit.  People took turns, 2 by 2, and came to visit him.  Cliff and Becky stayed in the room and received everybody.  Cliff and Becky felt such overwhelming peace as all of his friends came.  They are amazing parents.

TC was also visited by the Stake Presidency.  These priesthood leaders laid their hands on TC’s head and gave him another priesthood blessing.

The doctors’ assessments are not good.  There is only a 10% chance that TC will survive this ordeal.  The trauma TC sustained was severe.   If the swelling does not go down to normal within the next 48 hours, things look quite grim.

The staff at UMC are incredible.  According to Cliff, the night nurse was one of the most efficient, compassionate human beings on this planet.  The prayers are definitely working, as TC is getting the best care he could ever hope for.


Morning #1

April 1, 2008

Since TC’s pressure went up in the night, the doctors operated again.  They removed another chunk of his skull to relieve more pressure, and to get at a blood clot in the back of his head.  A shunt was installed.  During a CT scan, it was discovered that TC’s brain had shifted back into place.  Despite all of this, TC’s pressure had still not decreased.


First Night In The Hospital

March 31, 2008

TC received a priesthood blessing during his first night at the hospital.  His family and friends all came to the hospital, but, except for his parents, were unable to visit him.  There were so many people in the waiting room that we were overflowing into the street.  During the night, TC’s pressure went up.

image_038.jpg  image_039.jpg  image_040.jpg  image_041.jpg  image_042.jpg

TC’s accident

March 31, 2008

TC Rogers fell of his longboard with friends on March 31, 2008.  He fell and fractured hs skull.  He was unconcious after the injury.  TC was transported to UMC after the accident.

 When TC got to the hospital, he was rushed into the emergency room.  He was talking and responsive.  He was then put under to limit further damage.  His skull was found to be fractured, almost from one side of his head to the other. 

 TC was brought into surgery 3 or 4 hours after the accident.  The doctor removed part of his skull to relieve pressure and check on how bad the bleeding was.  The surgery was completed successfully.

A Longboard